Saturday, April 19, 2014

Protecting all that beautiful wood finish

It took us many years after the kids left the house to realize it wasn't them making all the mess...we are slobs.  This was a cold hard fact to take in, but it's true.

So, now that we have these beautiful ultra-leather recliners with wood trays, what do we do?  I took apart the quilt covers I had made for the couch and old chair and redesigned them to fit the new furniture.  I hate to cover it up, but let's be realistic's going to get damaged, so covering it up now seemed the sane thing to do.  I even had enough fabric left over to make little tray covers to match.

Now that the chairs were safe from harm, I need to focus on that glorious cherry wood table and desk.  My first line of defense were the three shallow storage drawers to hold coffee, tea, chai, hot chocolate and apple cider for our Keurig.  This protects the wood when we plunk our computers down.

The two remaining areas of the desk are about 18" square and I've just started some scrappy log cabin quilts for that location. This could be a spot for some seasonal change outs, or at least reversible quilts.

For the main part of the table, I've created some mug rugs for the coffee cups.  I had some practice squares I'd done earlier and I used heat resistant fabric (for ironing boards) for the filler.  I found that this mail organizer from Walmart worked very nicely for holding them.

I've used the same mail organizer for my "charging station" but need to add some fabric covers over the wire to prevent scratching.  That isn't done yet, but I did take the time to re-purpose another quilt sample I had in stock to create a holder for the new phone.

When I work on my sewing projects I put down this over-sized cutting mat, another treasure I've held for two years but couldn't use because it was too big.  Sometimes you just have to go with those gut feelings about what to toss and what to keep.

Bit by bit it's coming together to create a very comfortable little mobile nest.

Long Live the Queen


  1. really cute! pays to be handy with a sewing machine! :)

    i named BB for 'black bear' which is what she reminded me of, 'black beauty' which she is, and 'bonus bunion' because she has a double dewclaw on one of her rear legs. :)

  2. You are endlessly talented! I really admire that!

  3. Oh my, you've been busy! I love the covers and mug mats. You are so very talented. Your home on wheels really does look quite comfy cozy. I wish you both a Blessed and Happy Easter. I would share some of my eggs with you, but I don't think they would be so good by the time the package got to you. lol. Have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.