Monday, April 14, 2014

The remodel - stage one

Things turned out a bit differently than planned.  Since we made such good time getting into Indiana, we were able to schedule the couch removal in the morning and the dinette installation in the afternoon.  One long day...but then we don't have to move See-More again....or confine the cats. 

Our last view of the old dinette and couch set up....say goodbye kitties!

First stop was to Bradd & Hall Inc.  They removed the couch and as luck would have it, were able to remove the dinette section as well, which made things go much quicker for Carlyle later in the afternoon.  Because the cats hide behind the couch, we had to prevent that option and sequester them in the bedroom.  Here is George in his new man-cave.

In what seemed like no time at all, the couch and old chair were removed.

Then they began removing the dinette.  What a difference it makes when you know where the screws are hidden and have the right tools...and young backs.



Since we had some time to spend between jobs we found a local dive that lacked decor, but made up for it with real mashed potatoes and their own homemade cucumber salad and tartar sauce.  Then it was time for a drive through Amish country to reach Focal Woods for the dinette portion of our remodel.

A common site on these roads, there is even a bike and buggy lane in downtown

We arrived at Carlyle's house just before 1:00, as scheduled.  You see a lot of hitching posts in this part of Indiana.  I cannot show you photos of our craftsman, as the Amish shun having their photos taken.

Arriving at Focal Woods and ready to start the install of the dinette
Gracie was getting a little short on patience and tried a couple of times to make a break for it.  I put her harness on and took for for a little walk to burn off some energy.  George just stayed in his man-cave like a good boy.

I'm almost out.....just a little further....nope, the chest and belly are too big.

It is a joy to have handcrafted Amish furniture in our RV, and having it installed by the creator was sublime.  He carefully and patiently installed each piece, double checking to make sure everything fit and moved properly.  So much nicer than bringing home a box and assembling it yourself.

Left Brain supervising the work while enjoying his new chair
Then the cats came out to give it an even closer inspection
We were able to get home early enough to enjoy some fresh air outside and let the cats play in their tent city.  The next step will be to find the perfect chairs to use at the table.

Long Live the Queen of Remodeling


  1. Wunderbar. I knew it wouldn't take long to decide how you'd implement the changes. Sometimes you have to live in a place a while to see what works best. Enjoy your remodel.

  2. wow! that cabinet work is beautiful! yay!

  3. That looks great, Cheryl. I can't believe the amount of space it freed up. Is your recliner just like Left Brain's?George and Gracie are so darned cute. Happy Passover!