Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gaylord Opryland Hotel

The center dome reminded me a huge spider web

I'm at a loss for how to describe the size and scope of this establishment...and I'm seldom ever at a loss for words.  Please keep in mind that all the photos you see here are taken from the inside of the building.

This was the view from our dining table

It is humongous.  Throughout the hotel complex are many atrium, each featuring select shops and restaurants. It was like shopping and dining in a botanical garden.

The facades of the various sections are all different and resemble small villages, many echoing the feeling of the French Quarter of New Orleans.

In the center of the Garden Conservatory there are many places to dine, kind of like a food court for the wealthy.

This was where we had our lunch, we were lucky enough to get one of the tables next to the water
They had gondola rides through the streams within the building.

You can see the tracks where the boats go through on their tour
We didn't have any particular cravings that day, so settled in when we found one that appealed to us.  I had the open-faced pot roast over Texas toast and Left Brain had the crawdad pie.  He gave me a taste and even though my food was very tasty, I wished I could have switched my order.  It was extremely rich and decadent.

His was so rich and creamy....I was envious

But my meal was very succulent as well......but his still was better.

These fountains would go up and down at different heights - I wish I could figure out how to do the video.
This is the only shot from the outside as we approached the entrance

After leaving this sensory overload we stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond so I could return the items that didn't work out and then we stopped again at Camping World for a couple of bags for the lounge chairs when storing them.  Nothing like spending time cleaning the sand and dirt out the car to make you want to contain each item that rides in there.

Long Live the Queen of Opryland 


  1. Wonderful photos! What a beautiful place. I don't think this was built when I was there. It's just gorgeous. I loved the spring flowers in the garden near the entrance. The "odd things" post was fun. I especially thought the horse was super! We're having some rain today, then later it will clear up and be sunny. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.