Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day in Orlando

We are at Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake, Orlando FL.  I never would have known this park existed if not for fellow RV’er, Kathy B.  Thank you Kathy!  This is a lovely park with a gated entry that closes as 5:00.  We arranged to have our site number and code for the gate before arriving, which is great as the park is closed for Christmas.

Christmas day and we are sitting outside watching the cats frolic…ours and the neighbors.  The people next door have two black cats that roam about at will, but with tracking collars. The lady showed us the homing device to find them if they fail to come home.  During the day they hang a blanket in the door so the cats can come and go as they please.  They seem to like to come over to our cat’s tent and stare them down. I’d be scared to death to do this and like our little tent city we’ve created for the fur kids.

Gracie, however, had other ideas.  We used to let them charge out the door at Blueberry and then ushered them into the tunnel.  All was going pretty good…..until that fateful day.  Gracie, now nicknamed Houdini Girl, learned how to push the zipper open to squeeze out and escape.   She had a delightful ten minutes zipping around under the RV as Left Brain and I tried to coax, beg and finally threaten bodily harm to get her to get within grasping range.  The tunnel is now secured with a clip to prevent this from happening again.

Our routine has been to carry Gracie out to the tent city as she would not venture near the door after being scolded for an earlier infraction.  Today I carried George out first and saw a blur of calico fur shoot out the door and under the RV.  Seriously?  We’re going to play this game again?

I swear she was smirking as she pranced about from side to side under the RV.  Then she exited and headed to the neighbors truck.  Then she headed to their RV but I managed to get her to swerve…to a tree.  Visions of George’s tree hugging adventure flashed through my memory as she poised herself to either scratch or launch skyward, I’m not sure. 

As I grabbed for that big fluffy tail, she would manage to twist and turn and evade capture.  Finally she got close enough to grab hold and I wrestled her into the tent.  Thank goodness for that tail!  I would never have a tailless cat…what handle would have?

I warned her she’s on the naughty cat list and Santa would not be coming with any gifts from her this Christmas, but then she reminded me that I’m Jewish and she did get anything for Channukah either so who cares.  She’s a sassy one, that Gracie!

Since I was frustrated by not being able to edit any of the videos we’ve been shooting, I was ready to visit Best Buy and pay my money down for a software program, no matter what it cost!  So off we went to search out Best Buy, which was only a few miles away…cool.

Somehow we lost sight of the fact it was Christmas Day and many businesses were closed.  Oh well, Wal-mart probably has something so we headed that way.  They were closed also.  Bummer.  Well, that stinks.  So we decided to find some place to eat.  Nothing seemed to be open in the food industry either.
Chinese!  They’re always open on Christmas Day…it’s the traditional place for Jews to gather on this day.  But then Left Brain (who doesn’t care for Chinese buffets) spotted a Denny’s.  We had a lovely, leisurely lunch and talked about how excited we were to have the kids coming tonight.

Now that we only get to see family every six months these times are doubly precious.  Their hotel is directly across the street from Universal Studios, and I can’t wait to hit the parks with them!

We hunkered down at the hotel like papparazzi waiting for a good shot and waited for their arrival.  It was so good to see them.  I had ordered pizza for supper to be delivered based on their estimate of 45 minutes to an hour for delivery time.  It arrived in 30 minutes flat...way ahead of the family.  Oh well, at least there will be food...cold, but food.

The kids were buzzed with the idea of swimming in an outdoor pool on Christmas Day so they splashed and played like dolphins and the adults sat on the sidelines freezing watching them.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Long Live the Queen of Christmas Day


  1. Mickey will be glad to see the family . Do leave Gracie and George at home.

  2. I like the idea of being able to sit by the pool on Christmas day. However, it is just too cold here for that. I have to be very careful about letting Pogo get near open doors, or outside without a leash because he runs straight for the street. He is tiny but fast as lightning. He has go out two or three times in the past year, and so far I've been lucky and had help catching him before he got hurt. But oh what a scare it gave me. So I know how you feel when Gracie gets frisky and runs out the door. Enjoy your visit with your children. Florida is such a fun place for family gatherings. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Well, you have been busy while we were gone. Three posts I have missed and all of them good ones. I laugh at Gracie ... she would be a good pal for our Diva. A certain devilishness in them. All of our cats are inside cats. It is not safe anymore to let them out. Your neighbors need to be reminded that there are alligators in Florida and "cat" is a favorite delicacy ... tracking collars arn't going to be much help if they wonder into a dangerous spot. In our neighborhood, it is coyotes and fox ... the stray cat and rabbit population drops to "0" here when a Fox family is living in the area. They move out as soon as the food supply is gone. One of those unpleasant parts of Nature ...

    Like many, my kids grew up on Disneyland. My parents lived in Florida for years and we went to Disney every time we came down to see them. You and your family will have a marvelous time. I have an Aunt who lives in Orlando still ... she is 86 and kickin'. Not my bloodline though, so her longevity may not effect mine :) I have much cleaning up to do here today and since I used my Granddaughters room to do all of my wrapping, I need to clean that up for her. She will be coming Saturday ... she used to come for Chirstmas, but times have changed. Hope you find your software soon, I am looking forward to you videos ... Enjoy your wonderfully warm days and think of us up here shivering and huddled in front of the fire place. Be well, Queen of Whatever Tomorrow Brings ... hope it is all fun :)

    Andrea @From The Sol

  4. As usual, your cat kapers keep me going. :-) There is a silent movie running in my head of you running after the cats. Well, actually it is not silent. And it is not in black and white, either. You produce magnificent movies! pond lois