Friday, December 13, 2013

Just Plain Old Friday

Due to the holiday season Photoshop Friday has been postponed until the first of the year.  People are just too busy right now to play along, so we'll resume this later when things quiet down.

Meanwhile Left Brain and I keep coughing and wheezing our way to better health.  I managed to have a lengthy phone conversation with the Divine Miss M while doing laundry and ended up having to stop because my throat was giving out again.

But being quiet has not stopped me from doing voice is necessary to shop online!  Tis the season for giving gifts and I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than credit card in hand off to the websites I went.

I've gotten tired of having to lift the cover on my make-shift kitchen cart and decided it was time to get something better suited.  The wheels on our plastic cart broke as it had more weight on it than it was really made for, so when we get ready to roll we have to pick it up and move it...not fun.  It's awkward and heavy.

I found a cart online that is just adorable and should suit all our needs.  The size was good, which was the most important due to the lack of space and the price was nice as well.  The shipping says it should be received on or before December 23, which is good as we leave here on the 23rd for the next place.

I like the fact there is a drawer for spices and a basket for produce.  The two shelves will hold the miscellaneous flotsam that never seems contained.  I have a pattern for some pretty fabric boxes that will come in handy to create storage bins.

The top shelf is a serving tray that can be removed, that could be handy.  And yes, I made sure the wheels lock - that is very important for when we're rolling down the highway.

I also ordered a humongous tension rod that will extend up to 120", so it will span the width of our RV for the lace curtain I want to put in the front window.  The lace has already been purchased and when the rod arrives I'll make the curtains to fit it.

Pete has ordered some replacement parts for his helicopter due to some crashes while learning to do flips and rolls.  He continues to get better and better at this and hopefully soon we can wow you with some of our "aerial photos" using our new G0-Pro camera.  More on that later.

Since the cats claws have been tearing up the couch and chairs I've started to make some chair covers to help protect them.

We're not too worried about this as the furniture showed significant wear when we purchased the RV, but I don't want it to get any worse.

Again, wanting to grab any storage opportunity possible, I added some nice deep pockets to store books, maps and cat toys.

Bit by bit our rolling RV is becoming more and more a comfortable little nest.

Long Live the Queen of Online Shopping


  1. I think we should just rename you Polly Pocket...

  2. Your creativity is awesome! The new cart should work out well. The seat cover with the pockets should work well in a car as well. It reminds me of the "over the door utensil holder". Where are you going to next? Will you be staying there through the New Year holiday? I know, I'm very curious. I'm off now to post my blog. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. You are clever, creative, and yet practical. I like that cart! I like the covers with pockets, too. Great ideas!