Monday, December 23, 2013

The Murals of Blueberry Hill

Since we'll be moving tomorrow and I don't know what we might have for internet, I'm posting it now just in case.

For my Christian friends - Merry Christmas!

For my Jewish friends - I'll miss you at the Chinese buffet!

The grounds here at the RV resort are lovely and every effort is made to make things pretty.

On the back of the clubhouse there are murals all over the entire wall.

These depict a time from our childhood and bring back so many memories.

Remember those drive-in theatres?  Were you the one who had to hide in the trunk to save money because you were small?  Or did they just make that story up to stuff me in the trunk!

This one was quite clever as they put the bubbler right where the water faucet was.  Okay, yes...bubbler is a Wisconsin term.  Some of you might call it a water fountain.

There's a lot to love about this place, but we are excited to be moving on to a new location.  

Long Live the Queen of Blueberry Hill


  1. Well by all means leave those bad germs behind...

  2. Oh gosh, that mural of the drive in theatre brings back so many memories. I never had to get in the trunk because I was very small and super young looking. I usually got in for free. (kids under 12 did not have to pay) The last time I got in for free, I was nineteen and had a daughter. lol. FYI, we called it a bubbler too. I guess it was a Wisconsin and Massachusetts thing. lol. Good Lord, my humor is getting out of control. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.