Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Storage space for the RV

Storage is always tight in the RV, so each and every inch is vital.  That and I enjoy the challenge of how to squeeze a little more out of what I have.

Even though it was too late for

I decided I needed to have more shelves in the cabinet.  These are odd measurements so off to Home Depot we went.  I had them cut the board I picked out to the required lengths for me.

Left Brain's grilling table was transformed into a workbench while I filed off the rough edges and then stained the boards.  Then I attached the rail to the front with my killer glue.  We need that extra protection of when ever See-More the RV makes a sudden turn all the dishes would come crashing to the floor.  Oh the joys of living in a moving vehicle!

I goofed in that I should have used a deeper board and trying to squeeze a second shelf into the one side was too much and I created that for naught.

Adding the two bottom shelves really increased my storage space in this cabinet.
I really thought I could cram a second shelf in here, but no. 
But by putting the corner shelf things back in with it, it worked out just find.

But now I do have some additional space and I put the corner shelves back in to assist in holding some of the smaller items.  

I think I gained some space ...not sure.

Long Live the Queen of Storage Solutions


  1. Thank goodness for endless project possibilities and wonders never cease of what you'd do if you were feeling a 100%?

  2. You did a great job! Your shelves look wonderful. Now get back into your jammies and take care of your cold! Lots of fluids and rest are in order. Be well my friend. Hugs, Edna B.