Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Outdoor living

I had some comments about the outdoor living room set up with our new sunshade that I will address in this post.

The outdoor "carpets" are a woven plastic that won't kill the grass underneath them, so are perfect for the RV life.  They fold up into the size of a small suitcase and are very lightweight.  They feel great on bare feet and keep us nice and dry and clean.

Note that the cats got the OLD carpet...we really do NOT spoil them.

They are reversible and easy to clean.  The white one had red Kool-Aid spilled on it during its first use and it just wiped away.

It was pointed out that the cats did not have one under their area, but that has been remedied.  I had hoped to find a matching one, but it was not to be.

This provides them a dry area for their little paws.  It was snidely suggested by Chaseburg Mama that the sunscreen was actually for the cats.  Doest thou think we spoil them a bit?  Well, yes...that is a fact.  So now they have their own carpet area as well.

I've also added a table over the tunnel and am working on a quilted cover to give it some pizazz.  This gives me a bit more shade as well.

We cover the tent at night to keep their little "beds" dry and maintain the quality of their many toys.  We also cover it when necessary for a wind break or to provide additional shade.

It's extremely comfortable out here and they ask (quite insistently) to be placed in their tent the minute I get up...which I do, of course.

She loves hiding in the little pop up cube while attacking the ball in the orange circle.

When the sky is overcast and they need warmth they have the tent opened up like this.  Check out their little perches, they each have their own for naps and for lurking above the other.

Gracie is demonstrating the "I am higher than thou" pose.  George doesn't seem to care as he is busy playing with his felted ball.

When the sky is too sunny, I partially cover it to provide some shade.  George is a red head after all and has sensitive fur!

The cover also acts as a wind break on blustery days.

Here's a view from the inside to show them basking in the shade...all comfy cozy.

I tried to get the perspective of a cats eye view of the tunnel but every time Gracie sees the camera she comes running while shouting "I'm ready for my close up!"

I was able to find someone here in the park to give the old rug we had by the door.  It is too heavy and maintains the water and dirt, as well as killing the grass.  I hate to throw anything away that someone might be able to use.  It was still in very good shape and can provide someone else with a floor covering so we were all happy about that.

Long Live the Queen of Outdoor Living


  1. I like your idea of outdoor living. I think you cannot get enough of the outdoor life. There is something so nice about getting to spend time surrounded the the natural sun and fresh air.

  2. Well, no empty nest syndrome for you. You are happily spoiling your second round of children. I am guessing your first round of children are wondering why they were not so lushly spoiled ... hmmmm. That said, you have it down QJ. You know how to make life comfortable, enjoyable and even plush in your canned ham style of living. You are to be congratulated ... do you have a guest room?

    I love the idea of a rug that doesn't kill the grass ... is it cool on your feet when it is in the sun. I know my Izzi would love to lay outside in the summer, but she can't tolerate the heat. Maybe if we could put a little rug down in the shade she would stay outside more. Just thinking out loud. You seem to have settled in pretty well. Will you be in Florida long ... or are you in Florida? Boy, I sure lose track.
    Anyway, you have a nice day Queen of Great Finds ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. I am not sorry to say I love cat news, pictures, stories!!!! pond lois

  4. Gosh, I love your outdoor living space! My brother would have been in his glory to have this lifestyle. The closest he got was living in a canned ham trailer in my yard. I love all the shots of the kitty tent, especially the view from the tunnel. They really are two very lucky kitties. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. You are going to need a larger RV soon! You do have creative and great ideas. I love the pictures!