Thursday, December 5, 2013

She's been busy in the Sweatshop Again

I try to only buy what I need for a particular project, but when I saw this fun fabric that came packaged precut in 10" squares I just had to have it.  Then I had no idea what to do with them, and with limited storage they had to be transformed into something before I could justify buying yet more fabric.

So, since the fabric was food related I decided to create food related objects from them.

First I made reversible potholders.  Here is the front version:

This is the flip side:

Here is the next set.  One features a quilt piece I had left over.

Front side:

Back side:

Then I made a series of placemats.  The reverse side is the same and features this garden scene:

Yes, this was another batch of fabric I just had to buy because it was pretty.  Now it has found a use.

I had a lot of fun with these and they will be fun to use when having guests as each one is completely different.

Long Live the Queen of Fabric


  1. Those are super fun and cute. You never cease to amaze me Queen of Fabric!

  2. I should also add that my Mom would visit the Hostess outlet on bargain day and we always had Hostess products for after school snacks and she was a Home Ec major no less. My favorite were the Hostess cupcakes with a tall glass of cold milk. Thanks for evoking those memories.

  3. These are really unique and creative! You are amazing with your creativity. The things you make are fun and truly unique! Love it!

  4. Your creativity is awesome. The placemat with the garden scene is gorgeous. The cupcakes remind me too of weekly trips with my hubby to the Hostess Outlet to stock on all sorts of goodies. Hubby's favorites were the Ho Ho's and the Ring Dings. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  5. You are SEW clever. You do have one of those baked potato cloth bags for in microwave? Also a pretty project for small fabric pieces. Pond lois

  6. There seems to me no end to your abilities. These are all adorable and I would happily cook with or eat off of any one of them. You are not only creative in what you make, but in how you plan and arrange your days so you have the time to spend on these projects. You do know, you are a rather impressive Queen ... Queen of Endless Surprises :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol