Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She Devil and the Vet

It was a rude surprise for She Devil this morning.  We generally get up about 6:30 or 7:00 and have a leisurely start to our day.  But today she failed to wake me on schedule.  Did she see that there was a vet appointment scheduled?  I've got to keep her off my computer!

I woke at 8:45 and scrambled to get dressed, grab the dreaded cat carrier and load her up and run out the door.  We wove our way through the construction on the way to the vet, her howling and me swearing, but arrived on time.

Big exam today - blood work to check her insulin levels, rabies shot, distemper shot and general physical.  She'll be 14 at the end of the month and is doing pretty good for an overweight, old diabetic cat.  The vet recommended a different med for her arthritis and found a source that is more affordable than what we had tried before.  It's becoming necessary to get her off the prednisone, she's been on it too long.  This will involve another injection for her, but hey...what's one more.

She is showing the signs of cataracts forming and is definitely getting older and slower...unless she's really ticked.  The vet and tech took her off to do the blood work and shots and when they returned to the waiting room she looked at me, realized I wasn't the one holding her and made a lunge for the vet's hand.  I've never seen her move so fast in a long time.  But the vet is a very wiry, quick woman and moved even faster.  It was all such a blur, but she remained unscathed.

Once safely back home  I put my jammies back on and fixed our breakfasts of tuna and cereal and we restarted our day the way it was meant to be.  She's now dozing in a puddle of sunshine on the floor and all is well.  Now I need to get dressed again and hit the studio and start preparing for the first art show of the season this weekend.

Long Live the Queen of Sleeping In

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  1. Our furry kids are very smart. They know before we even start to get ready that is "Vet" day. You've captured She Devil's thoughts perfectly with this photo. I love it!! Have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.