Sunday, July 17, 2011

Overly caffeinated?

I've gone from being totally inactive to just plain antsy.  I can't sit still, can't make a decision...can't get things done.  I always know when the depression is lurking nearby because the mail starts to stack up, as well as the dishes.  No, both aren't in the sink...that really would be depressing.

My garden guild toured each others gardens this morning.  We met at Panera at 9:00am, or at least that's when I got there.  Appears we were to meet at 8:30am.  Ooops.  By the time we finished the first of the three we were already sweaty and hot.  Nice cold bottled water was provided at the second one, which most of us chose to wear rather than drink.  As we arrived at mine we were all sweaty messes and moving very slowly.  Not the leisurely lengthy tours we normally do, it was more of a survival touring.

After the group left I decided to run some errands and catch a movie.  I bought some new jammies at Target in a size M...that's a letter I have not seen in my closet in a loooong time.  I didn't realize until I got home that I only have the bottoms and now I have to go back tomorrow for the top.  Grrrr.  I want to get these washed so I can take them to Chicago on my trip.

The movie was "Horrible Bosses" which I really expected to be stupid, but I wanted popcorn and decided it would do.  Other than a lot of swearing (henceforth the R rating) it was actually pretty funny.  Of course, I may have been suffering from some heat stroke, so who knows.

I picked up some groceries and scurried home to the AC and comfort of my chair.  Man is it hot out there!  Maybe I'll get ambitious and work some some sewing orders I have...maybe not.  She Devil is sprawled on the floor with one eye open.  It looks pretty comfortable to me....we could all learn from cats.

Long Live the Hot Sweaty Queen

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