Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Heat and the weekend

Sometimes extreme heat can be your best friend, at least on the Fourth of July weekend.  I'm not a lover of sudden loud noises, so the Fourth with all the firecrackers and fireworks can be really disturbing.  We have neighbors who love shooting these off and there's nothing wrong with it...I just don't enjoy it.  So, with the high head right now the windows are closed and the AC is cranked up.  Ah...the quiet.  I've slept better in the last few days than I ever have.

Now, some of that might also be from my daily activities.  I took some time to reflect on what was bugging me the most and it turned out to be the basement and garage...where everything just seems so out of control and corners filled with the smell of mice in-habitation. So...I bravely went into each and every corner of both and have removed places where nesting was occurring and swept and washed floors.  Of course I also rearranged shelving and the like...it's just what I do.  Both areas are looking good and I have nine bags of trash sitting out on the side of the road waiting for pick up.

Today I will finish up the basement and then will tackle the gardens this afternoon when it cools off a bit.  Temperatures are still in the mid - high 80's and I just can't handle the sunny areas, but there's lots of shade to work in where I live.

Another plus of this is the weight loss.  All I can handle is water while working outside, so meals get skipped and then I'm too hot and too tired to bother to eat.  So, I generally have a little cereal in the morning to jump start the metabolism and then work in a large lunch about noon to one.  Supper lately has been watermelon and fresh veggies and then it's early to bed to read, rest and recover.  It's a good life!

Once this is all completed I will tackle the living quarters, catch up on the laundry and paperwork and will be living good.  There's something about removing the clutter and unnecessary items in one's life...including unwanted fat and weight.  It feels very liberating.

This is my month of cleaning and clearing to start my Sixties at the end of the month by living my life the way I really want to - clean, unencumbered and on my own terms.  It's good to grow old!

Long Live the Queen of Total Control

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