Monday, July 4, 2011

First day home

What a joy to wake up in your own home....even if there's a lot of work waiting for you just outside the garage.  The day was hot and humid but we got the canned ham unloaded and parked on it's landing pad, which fits now.  The blocks all held and now I can begin to landscape around it....when it's a bit cooler.

I was a bit worried about the Weight Watcher meeting since I'd been taking in many more calories than normal and not terribly active.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to see a loss of 3.8 pounds, which sets me at 15.8 pounds total loss.  What a relief!  The leader asked me what helped me to succeed and I have to credit Left Brain for that.  When you're cooped up 24/7 with your spouse it's a lot harder to snack and cheat.  

My chores today were to clean the spa filters and the pond and get both of those running again.  I pulled a few hand full of weeds and took a walk around the garden to see what was blooming.  All the astilbes are in bloom now and look great, as well as the roses.  Then I picked the garden so we could snack on fresh veggies for supper.

After running the car through the car wash and having lunch at Panera, I did some grocery shopping and returned home to continue laundry and dishes.  It's amazing what a mess you can make while on vacation!  The house looked so nice when I left.  But all in time...a little each day and it will be back to it's normal self.

As I write this a scarlet tanager has landed on one of the sticks by the pond and bathe.   I think I need to see what's left in the garden centers that I can add to some empty spots.  There's not many any more, but each plant means less grass and weeds to pull, so I like to pack em in there.

Long Live the Queen of Domestic Chores

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  1. First, let me congratulate your weight loss. I think I need to buy a scale. Maybe if I could see actual "pounds lost" I would be more motivated. Your garden sounds so beautiful. Especially a visit from a tanager!! I think I've seen one twice, but it wasn't close enough to be sure. Now I'm off to do some laundry. Ugh! I'd rather be playing outside. You have a marvelouos day. Hugs, Edna B.