Sunday, July 10, 2011

Forty hostas - what was I thinking?

As you can see by the photo the Pagoda Dogwood and forty hostas filled the car.  The man helping me load them never even blinked at Zelda sitting in the back.  She had hostas at her feet and all around her.

The forty hostas are lined up right now by the canned ham, where some of them will go eventually.  But right not they are just bunched together for ease of watering.  Many will go here and there to fill in areas that need something to keep weeds out.  They're actually large enough to divide, so I may split them when planting - but then again 80 just seems to many to deal with, so perhaps they'll just get dumped into the ground the way they are.

As I pulled weeds this morning I was thinking about how I found them before the funeral and I had a little "conversation" with Nancy.  I could hear her asking me "what the hell are you going to do with forty hostas?" and I answered "it seemed like a good idea at the time" and I could feel her smile.

One of my plans is to overwhelm the deer with the sheer numbers of them so they see it as an "all you eat buffet" and decide it's just too much and move on.  We'll see how that works.

During my visit to the neighbors for my cat watching duties I see that they prepared a surprise birthday party for me with cat treats and a gift.  I showed amazing restraint in leaving the gift there as it's not really my birthday yet.  But...I am very curious as to what Yada and SCZI got me, so I may have to open it tomorrow.  Those kitties! They are so sweet!

Long Live the Queen of Anticipation


  1. I, too, wondered what you were thinking when I read you bought FORTY hostas!

  2. We looked for them at Sargents in Rochester yesterday but you must have gotten them at the Sargents on the North end, huh? I didn't even know they had two stores. A guy working at the 2nd Street Sargents said they don't even have a clearance area.

  3. And, I love all the mind games you are always playing with the deer. Do you think you can ever win? :)

  4. So, 80 seems like too many to deal with??? But just 40--a drop in the buck. . . garden, right?

  5. My Audrey would say "you go girl!" Forty would be a great start for her. It's one of her favorite plants. (and her yard is huge!) I think if I brought home 40 plants, Joe (the guy who does my planting) would pack up and move away. I love it! I'll be curious how you make out with the deer. Have a fantabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.