Monday, July 25, 2011

Life interrupted

I don't have any plan of attack when I set out for the day. I might have a vague notion of what I think I want to accomplish and there are those times when you simply must do what you gotta do.  But, it's nice to keep your options open... or you miss out on unexpected delights.

During garden season this happens a lot. People walking by stop to visit and ask about the plants and this often ends up in an impromptu garden tour.  When the neighbor dog sees I'm outside he makes a bee-line over to visit me for some loving and petting and, of course, dog treats.  I've found that he really enjoys tomatoes.  When I went to pick yesterday I noticed a large bite out of one that was just nicely ripened.  Hmmm. At first I thought it was the raccoons but it was too large, just about the size of his jaw.  

I set out excess produce for people going by to take and enjoy and now that I find I have a tomato eating dog next door, I place it in a dish pan for safe keeping.  It's like having a little roadside stand without the income.  But the benefits it provides are sweet.  Often I will find a handwritten note, a thank you card or small jars of jelly they have made as a little gift.

It's these little one-on-one encounters that I enjoy the most.  I decided to mow the neighbor's yard yesterday since they are on vacation and I hated to see him have to fight through it when they get back.  The other neighbors were coming over to water their plants so we had a nice visit.  Then Taz the Tomato Eating Dog ran over...followed by his owner and we all chatted for a while.

The ladies (and Taz) took a garden tour and home tour of the canned ham.  By now it was dark and time to head in.  Did I get everything done that I wanted to that day?  No.  Was I blessed with the unexpected joy of neighborhood fellowship?  Yes.  That was a good day by my standards - better than the one I had planned.

Long Live the Queen of Contentment

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  1. I think your day was fabulous!!! If I didn't know better, I'd swear that someone's dog visits my garden as soon as a batch of tomatoes gets red enough to pick. Only the ripe ones seem to disappear. Hmmmm! You have a great day, Hugs, Edna B.