Monday, July 11, 2011

Rainy day reflections

I had really hoped to pull weeds today.  Well, not really hoped...but it needed to be done.  It's so hot in the full sun portion of my yard, which thankfully is the smallest area, that one needs to get out there at first light to work before it's blazing hot.

But, it's raining today...which is good, the plants need the water, but now I'm off schedule.  So I started to pluck off the spent blossoms and dead leaves of the African violets by my window.  As I did this mundane task I reflected on how we all need to pull off the dead, useless parts of our life to look our best and develop to the fullest of our abilities.  Instead of bemoaning the dead blossoms, focus on the new bright ones yet to come.  This little zen like task inspired me to go back downstairs and finish...yes, actually basement project.

After sweeping the floors and putting away the last of the few items laying about, it is done and looks great.  Everything on a shelf, nothing tossed carelessly on the floor.  What a good feeling.  After finding takers for the last of the unwanted items, I will clear out the garage and that job will be done also.  What a rush!  

Then I will be able to tackle those weeds and empty the composter and have that squared away.  But, by this time again the dishes are overflowing the sink, the laundry has piled up and I need to run the vacuum   Can it ever all be done at one time?  Are we meant to always live in chaos of some sort?

Long Life the Queen of the Balancing Act


  1. What a pretty photo. So soft, yet lush. As for the housework, if you ever figure out how to have it all done at once, please let me know and I'll hire her too!! lol. Goodness, my least favorite thing to do is housework. It's beginning to cool down here finally. (8 pm) A gentle breeze is coming in from the window, and it feels heavenly. Here's to a good night for you too. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Yes, our houses can be clean ... for maybe 10 minutes, then the mail comes, the cat poops, I make a pot of coffee, or basically just live in my house and the mess starts all over again.

    It's windows-open beautiful this a.m. so I could potentially weed at 5 a.m. Instead I'll have a cup of coffee and check my email.