Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Now THAT was refreshing!

After working hard all day yesterday in the yard, weeding and mowing I took a nice hot bath, an Aleve and tumbled into bed.
I awoke this morning feeling refreshed and ready...but still achy, so off to the hot tub I trundled. 

After soaking my tired muscles and relaxing in the soothing hot water I noticed that the bird feeders needed filling again and the water level in the pond was low.  There's always something to be done.

I decided that I could run the hose into the pond while clad in my towel and then sit in the arbor for a spell while it filled.  This was a good just didn't go that way.

Being too lazy to put the hose into the pond and then walk back to turn on the water, I decided to turn on the water first and walk quickly with the gushing hose to the pond and stick it in.  Good just didn't go that way.

Once the full force of the water filled the hose it reared up at the loose end like a cobra.  This was pretty amazing and kind of funny until it turned to blast me in the face.  I swear sometimes I feel like I'm living in a "I Love Lucy" sitcom.  Well, this took me by surprise to say the least and with eyes clamped shut I reached blindly with one hand for the end of the hose while holding the hose with the other.  Ooops...that's two hands now holding hose and none holding the towel.  Must not scream and draw attention to myself!

So, I tossed the hose to the ground to regain control of the towel.  Now it's become a twisting angry serpent spewing water every which way.
Keeping one hand firmly on my bunched up towel I grabbed the end of the offending hose with the other hand and wrestled it into the pond.  There.  Now I can go off and relax while the pond is filling...and let my heart rate drop back to normal.

I had been treated yesterday by my eye doctor for dry eye.  I'm not sure if he'd approve of my cure this morning, but they definitely weren't dry during the battle of the hose!

Long Live the Queen of the Pond

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  1. Oh to be a fly sitting on a hosta leaf and watching your fun antics. You could definitely give Lucy a run for her money!!! Now you deserve an uninterrupted sit in the tub. Enjoy, and have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.