Saturday, July 30, 2011

Art Fair on the Green

Day one down and one more to go tomorrow.  It was close to 90 today with a heat index (someone told me) of 110.  I really didn't need to know that.  I was okay with the heat until she said that, then I felt,

I chose my clothing options with "what am I least likely to pass out in" and wore a sleeveless dress.  Not the most flattering, even with the improving body, but survival instincts prevailed.
Thankfully my booth has good shade and there was a breeze throughout the day, so it wasn't too bad.  The show was very slow, possibly due to the heat or economy or both.  It was a long day's labor to make $68.00.  Maybe tomorrow will be the big day.  I know better, but I keep on believing.

But, it was enough to purchase the new water fountain for She Devil for her birthday tomorrow.  She'll be so pleased with it.  Well, as pleased as she ever is.  I'll add a can of tuna to the gift and she'll be fine with it.  It's all about the tuna.

Long Live the Hot and Sticky Queen

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  1. Tootsie and I would like to wish She Devil a very happy birthday. A fountain? You'll have to show a photo of it. It sounds wonderful. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.