Thursday, July 21, 2011

good morning..again

It's been a frantic couple of days while attending a craft and hobby trade show in Chicago with my energizer bunny friend, Margie.  We drove down early on Tuesday and walked through the show all day before having supper and returning to the room to relax.  Well, I relaxed...she was busy checking inventory sheets and completing order forms.

The show offers many "make and take" projects to try the various paints and glues and it was messy but fun.  This is so far from my doll making world; however, I can see that I will be making some changes to how I construct my creations now.  Clay and paint will definitely be working their way into my art work now that I'm more familiar with these processes.  It really helped that I had taken the clay class from Joyce Diveley before going.

As I walked through vendor after vendor of papers and stamps and products I'd never heard of, all I could think of were my friends Beth and Miss Edna and how their tongues would be hanging out with all the scrapbooking materials.  Beth - you need to check out Margie's store downtown (Stamp n Hand) to see all the cool things she has.  She needs someone to put together her scrapbook page kits for display when they arrive and I think you'd be the perfect person for it.

We worked our way through the show all day again on Wednesday from 10am to 6pm and then left for home.  There was a visit to Cosco on the way and then we had supper in Beloit.  I met a lovely woman trucker in the ladies room as we left who was talking about how hot it was in her tractor trailer as she wandered into the stall with her bottle of beer.  Oooookay.

Then we stopped at McDonalds for coffee for her and ice cream for me and were attacked by an attack of the sillies, where everything is funny and makes you laugh.  She patiently (at first) kept giving her order and no one would respond until I gently said "Margie....that's a trash can" and we moved to the next station. 

There is a lot of construction on the interstate in this area and they were out there working with these huge lights and wearing reflective clothes - it all felt a bit like being in Roswell with an alien attack...but then again we were hyped up on caffeine, sugar and being overly tired.

I got home about 1:30 AM and couldn't help but notice that it was 86 degrees at that time of night.  Thank goodness the AC was still running fine and She Devil was so excited to see me and led me right to the tuna cans and opener for a snack before toddling off to bed.

Checked myself on the scale before going to the hot tub (I know...I know...why bother in this heat?) and today's Weight Watcher weigh in is going to be so uuuuugggggllllly.  Oh well, it was fun being "bad" for a couple of days and I'll get right back on it.

Long Live the Sweaty Queen

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