Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Silver Palms RV Resort

We are settled in for one month at the Silver Palms RV Resort in Okeechobee.   Aaaaah...this is the difference between a campground and an RV resort.

You enter through a locked gate with our gate card, knowing we are secure and behind a locked fence is very comforting.

There are so many lovely ponds here, as well as a natural preserve right behind us.

The lots are huge and although ours is pretty plain, there's still an abundance of grass and an oversized brick patio for us to enjoy.

Some of the other lots have these cute little thatched huts for shade and many people have added little storage sheds as well, and landscaping.

There are ten pickleball courts here, but I'm learning that it's too early to expect a lot of people playing.  Many wait until after Thanksgiving to come down for the winter.

The clubhouse has a fitness center, a billiards room, library, and open multipurpose room for the many classes they offer such as line dancing, zumba, yoga and the like.

There are park models to be purchased as well and I'm thinking I want to take a look at their model homes just to get some education on sizes and prices so when we're ready to buy somewhere we'll know a bargain when we see it.

However, I don't think we'd consider settling in Florida.  The heat and humidity are pretty oppressive.  In fact, this may be our last year coming this direction as the southwest keeps calling our name.

This is the view from my table each evening

Long Live the Queen of RV Resort Living


  1. Heat and humidity vs water and lushness. I know which one wins in my mind, but that decision is a few months away!

  2. It certainly looks like you have a nice Winter haven. Enjoy.

  3. With this gorgeous scenery, I might snuggle up to my A/C and enjoy all this beauty. Although I've heard that the Southwest is beautiful too. Enjoy. Hugs, Edna B.