Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crocheted button flowers

I need to make a correction to yesterday's post...apparently the triangle frenzy swirl pattern IS rocket science.  I was honored to have a post from Bunnie Cleland, the artist who designed the pattern and learned that she was actually a nuclear engineer!  What an honor to hear from the creator of this marvel!

I needed to take a break from the quilting for a while and try my hand at these.  It was a post on Facebook that introduced me to this concept.

After watching the video and hitting pause a great deal and referring to my cheat sheets on crochet stitches, I finally managed to create two of them.

The one on the left was my first try using some left over variegated yarn.  I goofed up and somehow got six petals.  The yellow one shows I've mastered the technique.

I showed them to Left Brain and got that bland smile that husband's give you when they're thinking "what in blazes is that and what does she want me to say?"

I put him out of his misery and just said "cat toy" and could see the relief ease across his face.

Long Live the Queen of Crafts


  1. Oh, my. I am impressed that you are in the league of rocket scientists. As your soul sister, I am proud of you. *wink*
    I love these button flowers, too. What a cute cat toy. Will you be hanging a bunch of them from a wand? Chloe Jo lives for wand toys. Of course, the others like them, too. George just lives to play (5 months now).
    Just got new computers set up. Now to figure them out! Hugs.

  2. Freakin' unbelievable, Cheryl. I had a very talented friend working on making a couple of these and when she couldn't get the yarn to stay in place she assigned it to a seasoned crocheter (is that a word?) and she couldn't get them to work either. There must be a secret.

    1. I am not an accomplished crochet person by any means. But with the help of the You-tube video it wasn't too hard. I think the trick is crocheting the first part with both the threads, that anchors it to the button, then you cut away the stray thread and continue with just one.

  3. That is a cool way to transform ordinary buttons. Have you ever heard of Dorset buttons? they are very pretty.

  4. That is a cool way to transform ordinary buttons. Have you ever heard of Dorset buttons? they are very pretty.

  5. Good job on the flower buttons. I can see the kitties having fun with them. Congratulations of your quilting achievement. I think it's wonderful that the creator of the pattern is impressed with your work. And she should be. Your work is really good. Well, I have breakfast dishes waiting in the sink, so I'd best get busy here. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.