Monday, November 23, 2015

Making a fast and easy table runner using a border print

I enjoy this pattern so much, I just had to share it.  It provides for a runner the length of your liking and at least one center piece.

You start with a border print of your liking and cut two identical strips.  The longer the piece you are working with,the longer the runner will be. Place both strips facing each other so they are a mirror image of one another.

Trim one end to make a straight line and remove the selvages.

Then, using a 60 degree triangle ruler about 1/4" inch in and make your first cut, which will be a half triangle.  Set this aside.  

Continue cutting and make two triangles, each set will be different, but that's will even out when we get to the other side.

Trim the other end and do the same procedure.  You should now have eight triangles, four half triangles and a remaining piece that looks like this.  The only important part of this is to make sure the top is narrower than the bottom.

Open up the center pieces and align the triangles as shown below.

You will attach one triangle to each side first.

Then stitch the whole thing down the middle to complete it.

Now, for those left over pieces.  Arrange two triangles on the top and two on the bottom.  The half triangles will be on the right and left sides to balance things out.  If you had additional triangles to work with you can just use six triangles to get the same effect.  This is just to make use of the odd cuts at the beginning of the row.

Stitch the half triangles to the full triangles first, then the top portion and the bottom portion.  

You will end up stitching the two halves across the center.  Don't worry if the center is a little bit wonky, as mine turned out here.  It's always the center area that holds the candle, bowl, or what not anyway.

This goes together so quick and is one of the simplest runners I've ever made.  The only concern is matching up the lines, so I try to find a forgiving fabric like this one to work with.

Long Live the Runner Queen


  1. You are amazing. Have you ever considered teaching classes at some of your long stops? I hope your grandkids are taking notes. They will be glad they did.

  2. Amazing. A little too tricky for my tired brain, but it is quite beautiful. I agree, your grandchildren should be taking notes. I think the idea about classes is a pretty good one. Food for thought? You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.