Monday, November 30, 2015

Bored in Okeechobee

It might not be the fault of the little town we're in, it probably has a lot to do with this lingering cough and fatigue that we're both experiencing.

We generally go to a lot of movies and between Thanksgiving and Christmas there are always a lot of new releases.  At our big movie house here we get one new release a week.

They run three movies at the same time, pretty amazing, huh?  I've never seen more than six people getting tickets at a time, so not sure why the gates for crowd control are necessary.

You must go to the correct window to buy a ticket for that show.  There are only two windows, so the second window handles the two movies at once.  Actually, inside the ticket office is a young girl on an office chair with wheels who just pushes back and forth between the two windows, so I'm not sure why it makes a difference.

Actually, now I do know why.  The concession stand is in the center and there is no way to get to the other side once you've entered.  

It is not possible to find out movie times by checking online as they don't have a website or participate with any of the ticket sites.

That being said, I guess the handmade signs announcing the movies and their times shouldn't surprise me.

It's a far cry from our favorite theater in Andover MN with the red leather recliners and cup holders that are large enough to actually hold the beverage.

Long Live the Disgruntled and Bored Queen


  1. You didn't mention the cost difference between the leather loungers and the handmade sign place. I am sure you pay for that difference.

  2. Luxury has a price. Werarely get to a moie, as Bill's home time is so minimal. There are a couple that I want t see. Don't you Netflix or Amazon for movies. Of course, there are always books.

  3. At least you have movies. That's a plus. I'm not much of a movie goer, but my hubby loved them. And I have to agree with the others, the luxuries are usually in the price of the ticket.

    It's cloudy here, and a great day to be lazy and play on the laptop. I hope your day is super, hugs, Edna B.