Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Finishing up a bunch of quilting projects

I really have been going nuts with my quilting lately...must be the 90 degree days with 100% humidity that's keeping me indoors.

I've been trying out several new patterns that I've picked up here and there and have absolutely no idea what I'll be doing with them all.  Hopefully when we are settled in somewhere there will be a craft fair in the park and I can rent a table and sell some of them...just to buy more fabric and start all over again.

As my artist friends can relate...it doesn't matter what happens to my creations...I just have to make them.

This octagon quilt is done using a diamond shape and I opted for fall colors for this project.

Close up to show the flanged binding

I'd been wanting to try this flying geese one for a long time and it ended up being brown and white since I have a lot of these colors in the RV.

I flipped it here to show you the reverse side has birds...not geese....but at least it's got birds.

Close up to show that flanged binding again - love this technique

These long table runners are so fast and easy I couldn't seem to stop myself and before I knew it I was digging out ever left over scrap I had to make "just one more".  The reverse of this one is that same silverware fabric.  I have this one stretched out to show how long they are.  In the other photos, I'll have them folded to show the design and the backing at the same time.

I had left over fabric from my grand dog's scarves, so that led to this Viking theme...which I'll be giving to the family since we are Packer fans.  My daughter loves batiks, so I did the back of this in a fabric I knew she'd enjoy.

These snowmen are also left overs from the scarf project.  I backed them with a fall colored fabric to make them more versatile.

This springy garden fabric will be nice when that season rolls around again.  The design is very muted and shows watering cans and garden tools, although it doesn't show up well in the photo. I opted to use up coordinating strips from a jelly roll for the backing. 

No...not that kind of jelly roll.  For you non quilters out there I'll explain.  You can purchase many variations of precut fabrics and they are named "jelly rolls"  "cake layers" and "honey buns", etc.  Hmmm, it seems quilters do enjoy their sweets, doesn't it?

Nope...nothing addictive about these at all...I can quit any time I want to.   Yeah, right.  Perhaps there's a twelve step project...I mean program ....just waiting for me.

Long Live the Queen of Quilts


  1. Your quilting is wonderful. I love how you back each piece with another interesting fabric. And I know what you mean about a hobby or project becoming "addictive". I have a stack of neck warmers already, and I just know I'll be making more of them. Ah well, it keeps my hands nimble. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I love these, especially the Autumn octagon and the geese one. Iam not a crafter, though when I was younger I did crewel and embroidery. Of course, writing is like you described. I write because I have to, even if no one else cares. Yeah, it's like that.