Monday, November 16, 2015

Playing with the 60 degree ruler some more

I was just itching to sew more with my new toy, but alas...this is a small town and has no fabric shops.  So, off we went to Port St Lucie, an hour away and on the Atlantic coast.

We went this direction to the store and another on the way back.  The first was much more enchanting than the other, although much slower.

I found some patriotic theme fabric on sale and even though it's not my favorite, it was a good choice to start on.

The repeats were not large, so I managed to get several projects out of my one yard of red , white and blue stripes.  The following images are projects that are sewn, but not yet quilted, so they look a bit ripply.  All the projects came from the fabric seen above.

This was my first project:

Then I tried this version (I think this is my favorite):

Here's one I learned from another tutorial online:

This was using up all the left over scraps into one smaller table topper:

Hurray for the red, white and I feel confident enough to start cutting up the fabric I really like for some more of these projects.

Long Live the Patriotic Queen


  1. Your first project is my favorite because it's a "S". :)

  2. How very interesting that you can get all of this from that one piece of fabric. Now that takes talent! These table toppers came out beautiful. Can't wait to see the fabric you "really liked"! Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.