Sunday, November 22, 2015

Houdini strikes again

The tent tunnel requires a clip for security because Gracie "Houdini" will unzip it and run around the campground, sometimes pulling her brother into her life of crime.

She looks so sweet when she's sleeping, but I'm betting she's dreaming up new ways to escape.

Since I thought we had this problem fixed, this is how our conversation went the other day:

Queen:  Oh look, the neighbors have a cat that looks just like Gracie!

Left Brain:  Ah...actually...that is Gracie.

She'd done it again and was gleefully romping about next door.

After coaxing her back home,  we devised a better plan for securing the tunnel.

I connected a metal hook thing to the zipper with a zip tie and then used it to secure the plastic clip.  Once the clip is pulled over to the left it securely keeps both kitties safe inside, or so we thought until witnessing her working at it again.  So, now a bigger heavy-duty clamp has been added to the zipper on the right as well.

Hopefully this will prove to the winner.

Long Live the Queen of Cat Control


  1. I am not sure you are the Queen of Cat Control...yet. But you will be! We had a yellow lab, Grits, that was like this. He continually got loose. We tried every kind of latch and clip available. He figured them all out. Until we found a cow latch. It was specially made for keeping cows contained. It even worked on dogs. Thank Heaven!

  2. If you had just named Gracie, Houdini, she could have just lived up to her name...

  3. I'm giggling here! Gracie sure keeps you on your toes!! One of our adopted kitties is the "escaping" kind too. We have to be quick when we are coming in or going out any of the doors. Blackie I always just a few inches away! I'll be anxious to see how this newest zipper lock works. You and Pete have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs, Edna B.