Sunday, November 9, 2014

Seaport Village in San Diego

We ventured further south to explore parts of San Diego before the family comes to join us over Christmas break.  Since this is a military town, Left Brain was in his glory watching all the low flying airplanes and ships.

Since this was more of a reconnaissance search, we didn't take in a lot, but gathered up several sources of things to visit with the others later.

My only complaint was with the public bathrooms along the waterfront.  The Queen was not amused!  My Queendom for a door!

I always admire the way they try to disguise the cell towers like palm trees.

The buildings are beautiful along the waterfront.  We decided we'd take that top apartment in this towering structure as it has the best view.

One of the human powered taxis along the embarcado

This seal bus looked like fun for later, it does about a half hour on land and then spends about an hour in the water around Shelter Island.

It is a beautiful area and being America you find the homeless mingling among the monied.  We enjoyed the approach of a uniformed person collecting money to assist the homeless in the area.  I felt better giving him money instead of individually to those in the park, since you're never sure how they are using the funds.

Long Live the Queen


  1. homeless among the monied. so true.

    yikes on the non-doored bathrooms! :)

  2. Oh, yikes, indeed...I can't passed that rest room eithout doors! When I was in San Diego there were doors on the rest rooms! Thank God!