Monday, November 24, 2014

Hmong dolls

Last summer I created a grouping of little dolls for use at the Hmong Center.  At the time they were just naked little creatures, but now I have been sent a photo showing the completion of this project.

The little costumes were all created by local Hmong women in the La Crosse WI area and as you can see they look much nicer dressed and with some hair.

This is the kind of short post when I figure you really don't care about my doing laundry and grocery shopping.  Even here in paradise there are domestic chores to be done.

Long Live the Dollmaker Queen


  1. so nice to see the finished product and how your work has been dressed!

  2. Well at last ... we were willing to look at the nudies, but no, you made us wait. I have to admit it is well worth the wait ... these are awesome. Did you, at one point, explain who the Hmong women are because sadly, if you did, I have forgotten ... a little refresher would be nice :)

    So short posts beget short comments since it is dinner time here and I am headed down to cook on my ordinary non-induction stove. Glad to hear there is some reality in paradise ... I would begin to wonder if not. Stay well Queen of so many projects we can't keep track of them (it has nothing to do with being old and unable to remember anything!)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Don't underestimate me, as I Love hearing about all you do, including laundry and grocery shopping, why I bet somethng interesting happened in the grocery store! Carry on, nice dolls! pond lois

  4. I love these wonderful dolls! Such an accomplishment! I am wanting to find my old Raggedy Ann and Andy pattern and start making those again. I made them for our daughter, and after reading about Marcela Gruelle I just feel drawn to doing that.