Monday, November 24, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday

I love this category since I seem to always be taking shots at old dilapidated stuff....don't know why it calls to me, it just does.  I admired the creativity of re-purposing this old outboard motor into a mail box.

Long Live the Junkyard Queen


  1. funky cool! and hopefully baseball bat resistant!

  2. I have a large collection of mailbox photos and this is a first for me, How cool. Tom The Backroads Traveller

    1. Glad I could be of help. I should start a collection of those as they are very interesting. When you live in an RV photo collections are about the only thing I can indulge in. :)

  3. What super creativity! I enjoy seeing all the different ways folks dress their mail boxes. I also enjoyed seeing the finished Hmong dolls. They are exquisite. You have a wonderful talent, and I enjoy seeing all your creations. I have to agree, that you do have a way of making shopping and laundry sound quite fun and exciting. Pogo and I are going out today to enjoy this last gorgeous day before storm Cato hits our area. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. I have seen many different things used as a mailbox, but never this. Neat idea tho.

  5. Excellent find! I love this meme, too. Bill is home. I will be back next week. Hug.