Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A visit to Oceanside CA

Part of our mission while in this area is to explore areas to take the kids when they come down for Christmas break.  We had heard of a mass transit in Oceanside called "The Coaster" and went to get more info.

Oceanside is a pretty town with lots of houses up on the hill.

When we approached the ocean I had to laugh at this sign that warned you there was no outlet...no kidding.

We will probably explore this pier when the family comes and have a snack at the restaurant at the end.

Along the way home we spied another cell tower disguised as a tree.  But instead of the palm tree version, this was a pine tree.  They are so clever.

the palm tree version

the pine tree version

But not as clever as those who painted these rocks to show the images they saw more clearly.  The first one we spotted was this apple.

And yes, that grouping of rocks does look like a frog, especially now.

While in town we stopped at the 101 Diner for lunch.  This was like a step back into the Fifties.

They even had the old tabletop jukeboxes available to catch those favorite tunes.

And to complete the trip down memory lane was the pay toilets.  It was worth the price of 25 cents just for the laugh.

Long Live the Queen of Road-tripping


  1. too cute. love the cell towers! the frog rock is neat, but i sort wish they'd have left it natural. :)

  2. My grandparents used to live in vista ca.

  3. I've never been to California, but it sure is beautiful! I think the cell towers are super creative. The diner sounds wonderful. I recently gave away one of these table top juke boxes. I still have a full sized juke box filled with 45's in my back room. There was something special and wonderful about the 40's, 50's and 60's. Life was simpler and wonderful back then.

    Pogo and I want to wish you a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving. Hugs ,Edna B.