Saturday, November 22, 2014

A tour of the park

It's time for a tour of the park so you can see where we are living.  We have a Welcome bear on the table outside our RV.  You can see where Left Brain puts his bike helmet when not in use.

Here is the entrance to the park, lined with palm trees and flowers all the way down.  You will notice that the Hampton Inn is immediately to the left.  

This is where our family will stay when they come down for Christmas break.  It sure is nice to have someplace close for them to be while spending time with us.

Most of the people in the RV Resort have RV's...well, duh.  But those who don't, can stay in these little park models.  I think these are so cute and would be an option for when we leave our house with wheels.

Behind the office area are the sand volleyball courts.  I just know my oldest granddaughter will have fun digging into the sand playing with us.  We'll just have to pull her back a bit with her power, it's just not nice to spike old people.

Then there are the swimming pools and hot tubs.  

There are three swimming pools, and one is set up permanently for water volleyball.

There are also three hot tubs and they are HOT.  It feels so good to soothe those tired muscles after a session of playtime.

There are flowers everywhere, and many grasses such as these lovely pampas grass on the side of the buildings.

Only the older set will get my joke about the "days of vines and roses" here.

Speaking of roses...they are in abundance and in every color.  And the scent is intoxicating.  It's no wonder many of them tend to be near the pickleball courts...perhaps in an attempt to hide the smell of our sweaty bodies playing in the sun?

And finally my favorite spot of all...the pickleball courts.  There are four of them and they are dedicated pickleball courts - no extra lines over old tennis courts, basketball courts or in parking lots, which can be very confusing.  

There is a nice shaded area and benches and chairs for those waiting to play the next set.

Well, that's been our tour for the day...I hope you liked it.

Long Live the Queen of Golden Villages Palm RV Resort


  1. sure looks resort-ish! a very nice place for family to join you!

  2. oh, i loved that little park model home!

  3. this looks so nice, lucky you and great to be able to have the family so close at Christmas.


  4. This looks like a wonderful place to stay. I do love that little park model motel. It's just right for Pogo and me. I think it's wonderful having a nice motel nearby for family and friends to stay at while they are visiting. The roses are beautiful. Mine are desperately trying to hang in here, but the cold is getting to be a bit much for them. Enjoy your stay here, and have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  5. I love the model home. Cool. Think you know where you want to ultimately settle, yet?
    Dedicated pickleball courts. Who knew? It sounds like you may have found your Utopia!

    1. We haven't made any decisions yet - but this place is like living in a dream world. Pickleball each morning for two hours followed by water volleyball and then the hot tub. After that it's lunch and sometimes a nap with George. It's a good life.