Thursday, November 6, 2014

Good Fences Thursday

Good Fences

It's amazing how many fences you become aware of when starting this meme.

While touring the Seaport Village in San Diego I noticed this interesting bike and snapped a quick shot through the car window.

Well, wouldn't you know it....there was a really cool fence behind him.

Long Live the Queen


  1. an elliptical bike! very cool! (and i totally agree with you on the fences). :)

  2. Yes IY now feels the whole world is fenced in!!! Great shot.

  3. Neat bike in front of a solid looking fence

  4. I, too, would have been looking at the ripling muscles of the man on the strange bike ... the fence being an after thought. But, an awesome fence it is, so even if it wasn't intentional ... it is a great catch. Now for a little catch up. You have moved and resettled since I last visited and made an awesome trip to the rusty world of metal sculptures and I finally have a moment to sit back and enjoy your adventures. The scuptures are fantastical and I will bet that he was commissioned by Avery and worked his whole life on his collection ... what a gig! And more than having your hobby paid for, he will be famous for years beyond his earthly existence ... (more so than his benefactor, Avery, whose paper products most often end up in the trash) ... Wow! So if it will add to your warm fuzzy feelings of having someone seek you out ... I would seek you out if I knew where you were and you were close enough for me to find you. So, beleive me, it may feel lonely, but you have friends all over the country ... and all over the world from your blogging. You will never be alone, even if you want to be. So buck up, Sista, we are all following you wherever you are :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  5. What a funny bike! I think it is a cool fence picture, too. Great job.

  6. that is an interesting looking bike and the fence is neat too.