Friday, November 7, 2014

And again we move!

Well, we moved into our new site on Tuesday and today we find that the owner of this site is coming in and got it...we need to move to another site three spaces down the road.

Saw this lovely bird of paradise in Seaport Village while on our excursion to San Diego

Then we found out that the people causing the initial move cancelled, so we wouldn't have had to move at all.  And we're not moving now...except to leave the park.

The lady that drew the short straw to tell us of this feel really badly for all the mishaps and this is only the second time in their history it has happened.  They don't generally give refunds but assure us they will do so if we decide to just go to the place in Hemet five days earlier.  A call was made and we will be entering the next phase of our adventure on Monday.

This experience caused me to think of a song from one of my favorite musicals "The Wiz" and she sums up my thoughts exactly.  For those of you who missed it, it's an all black version of "The Wizard of Oz".

We're pretty good sports, but I really don't want to pack up everything for another short move and only stay a few days.  So now we need to kick things into gear.

I went back to the laundry and erased my name from the schedule since we'll be gone before those dates come up.  So much for my theory having a convenient laundry.  I may still sneak over after hours and just do it when nobody is around.  What can they do?  Kick me out of the park?

So, we will go to lunch at The County Line tomorrow as I wanted to experience this place.  It looks like a dump, but apparently has a French chef and the food is awesome.

Sunday I'll do some last minute shopping and have Indian food at a place I found recently while Left Brain immerses himself in football all day.  Then I'll start to ready things for departure on Monday.

But before we leave, I wanted to share the little town of Aguanga with you.

This is where we get our mail:

Here is the little general store, okay for basic supplies, but I really prefer to go into Temecula:

And finally the junk shop (at least I think that's what it is):

That's it, I hope you enjoyed your tour of Aguanga.

Long Live the Queen....but not of Aguanga


  1. well, that pretty much stinks. sorry about that!

  2. Your Aguanga post office is just the same size as Chaseburg's so don't show off.

  3. Loved the tour, may have to move there one day, haha. Bad luck with all the camp shifts though, hope you have better luck at your next stop.


  4. Thanks for sharing your stories and photos. I have been enjoying both.

  5. Oh, good grief. People just make things so difficult for others. I do not get it. I am glad you will just go on, and that you guys weren't affected too badly. I know it is bad enough, though. I love the Bird of Paradise. I saw those the last time I was in Arizona. Amazing.