Sunday, June 8, 2014

What Do You Do All Day?

While I'm back in the home area for a while I managed to connect with a small group of women from my high school for lunch.  They meet once a month and I try to hook up once or twice while here.

It was during a conversation about the full-time life in an RV that one lady brought up the fact that if I had no yard work, no job, etc...what did I do all day?   

I do spend a lot of time (and money) keeping the birds fed.

To her it must appear an idyllic life of lounging in my chair reading and taking naps (which is true) and yet I often feel I don't have enough hours in the day to take care of the daily chores and still have enough time remaining to pursue things I enjoy.  I mean, it must take at least 30 minutes to do my cleaning chores in the morning!

It wasn't until a few days later of musing "what is it that I do all day" that it finally occurred to me. 

What is considered my "normal" life has been flipped around.  Let me explain.

Normally we are on the road, traveling from one area to another.  During this time, we are studying maps, finding places to explore and doing touristy things, along with the actual driving and locating places to park the RV during our sojourn.

Being back in the "home" area is the exception to the rule and this time is spent seeing the doctor for our annual blood work, physical and any followups such as the physical therapy we are both doing for his back and my shoulder.

Then there are the appointments for the dentist, eye doctor,  mammogram (just me, not Left Brain) and getting George and Gracie to the vet for their yearly check ups and rabies shots.

In our free time we are connecting with friends to have lunch, and Left Brain and Larry go golfing as often as possible. 

There is a great deal of time spent sitting watching the cats play and reading on our makeshift patio.

Thank goodness for that insight, because the days fly by way too quickly and I was starting to wonder myself what it was that I did all day.  Perhaps it's becoming older and now it just takes all day to do what I used to do all day long.

Long Live the Deceptively Busy Queen


  1. i totally wonder what i do all day - and then i remember blogging... :)

  2. Blogging is time consuming. Left Brain looks very content and rested in his environs.

  3. You put so much of yourself into everything you do. You have your blog, maps, pickle ball, bicycling, sewing , crafts, Left Brain & cats to care for, cooking, geocaching, photography, and more. I admire you and your way of life.

  4. What a great photo of Left Brain and George. (that is George, right?) They both look so comfy. I too admire your ability to adapt to your new lifestyle so well. As for what do we do all day. many of my days are quite similar. I am very busy doing God only knows what in order to have the down time that I enjoy. If I had to account for all the time on my busy day, I would be at a loss. I think th. is is because many of us tend to slow down a bit with age in order to smell the roses. And believe me, most days they smell real good!

    I hope you have luck getting your GPS fixed. I bought a reconditioned one a while back, and it would never let me put in my own information. After calling the manufacture, I found that they do not always clean out all the old information. It ended up that I had to buy a brand new one. I don't use is much now because I have one built in to my car radio.

    It's time now for me to get ready for work tonight. You have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.