Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday on the Island

Left Brain had a play date with Larry today and I wanted the car later, so I drove him over to his house.  Along the way we encountered the underwater diver boat and several squad cars.  Not sure what happened, but hope nobody was hurt.

After dumping him off I went to McDonald's for a power breakfast to wake up and then visited the car wash and dropped some items off at GoodWill.  A quick visit to Walmart for groceries and I was on my way back.

Along the way there was a turtle crossing the road, so I hit the hazard lights, jumped out and helped him get safely to the other side.  Just a normal day on the Island.

Once back at the RV I cleaned up the mess left by the raccoon that visit us each night and decided maybe I would not be able to store the bird supplies under the table after all.

After salvaging what seed I could, I swept the patio rug free of helicopters once again.  We do this several times a day.

When you look at them close up, they are attractive...even mystical.  But in mass they are just annoying.

After cleaning up the RV and running some laundry, I took some time to do a little photography.

Later that afternoon we went in for our last physical therapy session, and on the way home the clouds opened up and poured down rain.  Why does it do this just as I'm ready to run into the grocery store?

We managed to get ahead of the train on the way home....score!  Then there was another turtle crossing, so I had him stop the car and since it was only a light misting now I jumped out to assist this one safely to the other side as well.

It had not rained yet back on Goose Island, so I hurried and got the clothes off the line to be folded and put away.

Then I could relax and play with my photos I took earlier and catch up on some blogs knowing I had a wonderful fresh salad from the deli waiting for us for supper.

There was nothing on the news about the emergency divers being out here in the morning, so it must not have amounted to much.

Long Live the Queen of Ready for the Weekend


  1. the raccoons will find ANYTHING that's not encased in metal bins. grrr... glad you got the laundry off the line in time. :)

  2. I heard on the news that an 88 year old man fell out of his canoe. They were dragging for him. They found the boat with a life jacket in it. So sad....the river is very dangerous at any age.

  3. Add Queen of the Turtle Savers to your list...

  4. Love the turtlerescues! Yea! You are a hero, in my opinion! Your pictures are awesome, especially the ant! Hugs.