Thursday, June 5, 2014

This has truly been our social season!

I don't recall ever having so much company here in Goose Island before.  Our latest visitors were friends from Waupun in their 28' Fleetwood trailer.  We arranged for them to be in a site near us, but not next door, as their rig is too large for that spot.

Carole and I talked as fast as possible, but there was still so much to share.  We haven't seen them for some time and there was lots to catch up on.  They are the kind of friends that even though we haven't seen each other or really communicated much, you just pick up the conversation where it last ended.

They arrived on Sunday, June 1 and stayed until June 4 and each day was packed with visiting, biking and sightseeing.

Ah, Colleen...about those daisies you gave me...

Carole went with me to cruise past our old home in Onalaska and I was pleased with how well some of my former plants are thriving.  

It didn't look as bad as it had in the past, so I'm feeling better for the neighbors we left behind.  It was scary "going back" but it was comforting to see the grounds thriving.

the old homestead with the little cabin that was used for garden tool storage

I took Carole with me to meet the ladies group at the Indian restaurant and then we met up with Chaseburg Mama and Natureman for supper at Rocky's supper club that night. 

Chaseburg Mama enjoying one of Rocky's famous cheese curds
After supper they we were invited to the end of Rainbow Valley  to have rhubarb crisp and yet more conversational and laughter.

Doug, Carole and I went to see "A Million Ways to Die in the West" since they were filming at Old Tucson Studios when Left Brain and I were in Arizona the previous winter.  Really stupid movie, nothing of redeeming value, but still it gave us chuckles and one-liners to use on each other.

This morning we took them to Fayze's for breakfast and then a walk through the International Gardens in Riverside Park.

Doug and Carole entering the Chinese gardens through the Moon Gate

Too soon it was time for them to hook up and head home.

As we were sitting and relaxing that evening our Russian friend, Busya, stopped by to chat with us and invite us to her house for a Russian meal Saturday night.  My calendar has never been so full!

Long Live the Queen of Company


  1. I am not suprised you have so many wonderful friends and they all want to come to visit you ... I was one in your past and hopefully in your future. I love your old homestead ... I can understand why you might miss it. But, I am guessing, like my little homestead, it was a lot of work. I will be looking forward to hearing about the Russian meal ... don't know what they eat over there and you rarely see Russian Food on a menu in a restaurant ... hmmm. Anyway it should be an interesting experience with another good friend.

    I am late wishing Gracie and George Happy "Gotcha" Day, so now would be as good a time as any. The best part is the extended tunnel ... what will you do next "Gotcha" day ... the only way you can go is up. Any interesting plans. Cats love to climb:) Some day we will see you towing a little trailer to hold all of the kitty tent equipment because I am sure it isn't going to stop here. Have a wonderful week with your many friends, Queen of Cat Whispering ...

    Andrea @ From Thre Sol

  2. Oh gosh, Andrea is so funny. But I agree about the little "cat goodies" trailer. I am looking forward to seeing a photo of it attached to the back of your RV. I am going to inquire at the airlines if Pogo is entitled to one carry on bag seeing as he has to buy a plane ticket. If he could have a carry on bag, I wouldn't have to stuff all his stuff in my suitcase. Hmmm, food for though.

    It must be wonderful meeting up and spending time with your friends. It's good that you are pleased with how the new owners of your old homestead are keeping it up nicely. Every now and then I go by my last home, and it saddens me that the new people did not keep up the yard and the gardens. Oh well, I have new gardens now. You have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.

  3. You are a busy lady! It sounds like fun, though. It had to be bittersweet to see the old homestead. The photos are all great, too. I am glad your hometime is filled with people and things that you love. Hugs.