Monday, June 2, 2014

New Clothes for the Queen

When you have closet space that is only 19” wide, you chose your wardrobe carefully.  Luckily I don’t care much about clothes and like shoes even less, so I can get by on a limited supply.

Last year I tried to purchase more shorts while in Arizona.  It didn’t seem like such an ordeal, but there was none to be found.  When I asked at the store why there were no summer clothes to be had I was told that this was the “winter” season.  But it’s 93 degrees…it’s hot! I argued.  No deal.  I could purchase hoodies and jeans, even long underwear and heavy socks, but no shorts or sleeveless tops.

So this year I vowed to have a good summer wardrobe ready for the upcoming winter….I know, that sounds really backwards, doesn’t it?
I’m much heavier than I should be and always have hopes of losing 50 – 75 pounds and regaining my trim, slim self.  I know it’s in here somewhere.  I also believe in the Easter bunny…and I’m Jewish.

So, not wanting to waste a lot of money buying clothes I hope to not be able to wear in the future I went to my favorite store….Goodwill.  For $60 I got five pairs of shorts and nine tops.  I’m ready!  And some of the items were from Chico’s and Cold Water Creek, places I would never dream of spending that much money for stuff.

When I got home I promptly removed all the tags and added them to my laundry pile.  I hate wearing clothes that haven’t been washed, whether they are new or used.  One of the best parts of buying used clothes is you don’t have those little surprises of shrinking in the washer and dryer.
Then I rummaged about and removed several tops that I wasn’t wearing enough and those will go back to Goodwill my next time through.

Long Live the Well Dressed Queen


  1. yay! good for you! i detest shopping - clothes shopping is the worst. i buy cheap, cheap, cheap. you got some quality stuff for a good deal!

  2. I agree. Hubby and I used to love shopping at the local Good Will store. We found lots of great stuff. My "live in all summer" shorts are starting to get thread bare, so I'll be making a trip to the thrift shop to see if I can find some more. A coupe times a year I go through all my clothes and fill up a bag of things that I don't wear much and give them to the Big Brother Big Sister group.

    You have a fun day, hugs, Edna B.

    P.S. I believe in the Easter Bunny too. And of course, Santa Claus is my absolute favorite!

  3. That is great. Recycling at its best. I always liked getting hand me downs from cousins, too. I need new tops. I donated a whole bunch of stuff to the homeless shelter last
    year. I love the way you think, dear Queen.

  4. In this day and age we all have to have our methods of saving ... Good Will is a good one. I have another that works, but I don't recommend it. I have four wardrobes, each a different size and then I diet or binge my way through them. You would be amazed how much longer my clothes last that way :) I do claim to have some Good Will pieces that no one would ever know. I also am a donator, but I send mine to the Vets ... I love helping our Vets. So you are the awesome shopper who lives in a very confused world (winter clothes in Arizona?). I am unabashedly impressed Queen of clean used clothing ... :) (and I must say you look great!)

    Andrea @ From The Sol