Friday, June 20, 2014

Ready to Roll

Our time at Goose Island has been sweet and much too fleeting, but after a couple of months we're always getting itchy to hit the road.

On my last couple of days here I attempted to do some geocaching with my phone, since the Garmin has been shipped back for repair.  It was my first time doing this solo and I have to say...I suck at this. 

 Hopefully it's because the phone isn't calibrated correctly but I think it's because Left Brain is so much better at it than me.

But while out and about I came across some really pretty sights, thanks again to Bob as I searched for his "Cruising the Coulee" cache.  Even though I was batting zero for finding the caches, I did snag some fun photos of other items.

On Thursday I had a final lunch with the Divine Miss M before she begins her adventure.  Their house has been sold and they are waiting in a rented condo for their International Adventure to begin with a leisurely tour of England, Ireland, Switzerland, Scotland and who knows where else they might land.

I shook hands with the owner of Pickerman's and told him I'd see him next year when we return. 

It was too rainy to pack that night, so we waited until this morning.  Everything is still wet, but at least we won't be working in a downpour.  

The internet is still balking, so I will not be able to post as many photos as I had hoped and will just go with these meager couple and call it good.  Hopefully our next stop will have better internet!

Long Live the Queen of Goose Island


  1. I love your photos. It looks so peaceful there. What an interesting piece of equipment. It looks as if it is still being used. So where are you heading to next? West? Do travel safely. I'm looking forward to photos of your next campground. Have a wonderful weekend, hugs, Edna B.

  2. happy trails to you, once again! love the old plow.

  3. Okay, my memory has failed me once again ... what is a Garmin? Packing in the rain would su__ big time. Even packing in the wet can't be fun. You have so much commitment and vigor, I admire that. Now I notice that you are holding out on what your next destination will be. Let me think ... coming from where you are starting, you will probably have to spend at least one night in a "not so exciting" spot. So I should be looking in a day or two for the true destination, right? Isn't it wonderful how, even on a failed Geo Chaching venture, you came home with a prize. I love old farm equipment ... they have so many stories to tell. Even the quiet peaceful river scene is a catch. It takes an eye that appreciates nature to get that one. Well Safe Travels, Queen of Failed Caches ... looking forward to your next destination. Isn't it nice how we can all go on these travels with you without moving a muscle :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  4. It was fun seeing you again. Let me know if you make the checker/chest quilts. To the Queen of Everything!

  5. Safe travels.....look forward to hearing about your next destination :-)

  6. Fare thee well. Blue skies and sunshine to send you on your way. SO glad to have had some time together.

  7. Happy trails indeed. I hope your next stop is as wonderful as this one was for you. Hugs.

  8. Sad I missed you, poopsie wootsie, but so glad you are rolling along, bringing new daily adventures to all of us traveling vicariously through your eyes, camera, and wise words. From my bluff back yard, toads, frogs, owls, all shouting get-along to you. Maybe my little waterfall will be completed by next year. It's already mesmerizing, and barely balanced together. :-) And, yes, by golly, the fireflies are flashing. Reminds me of the flashing mannikin you sprung on me in your master garden. My kindred thoughts go with you. pond lois