Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Water water everywhere

We left Goose Island as it was continuing to be submerged by all the rain for better pastures...or so we thought.

It seems that flooding and devastation follow us as they are experiencing high water and flooding in the Minneapolis area as well.

Here are some scenes from the park to show you what I mean.

This is what it looks like along the edge of ham lake.

The beach area is usually full of kids playing, but the high water and fecal matter from the ducks and geese are making it pretty unappealing.

Long Live the Queen of Wet


  1. The flooding and devastation isn't following you ... it just is everywhere. We have had so much rain down here and I know you are getting the same up there. Our lake is high and the streets around rivers and sewers are all flooding. Last night one of the main expressways was flooded and they had to direct traffic off of it during rush hour. But ... Global Warming i.e. Climate Change isn't real ... did you know that? Are people blind or just not smart :)? So does this mean you won't be able to work on your new cat tunnel configuration? That would be diappointing. Hope things dry up for you, Queen of High Water ...

    Andrea @ From the sol

  2. It started up there. Who are you kidding? Water flows downward. LOL.

  3. The wicked winter has evolved into a stinky summer. There has been bad storms in the south, north, and east. Everywhere Bill and I go, it storms. There are floods, winds, tornadoes, and mud, mud, mud! You kids stay safe! Hugs.