Saturday, June 14, 2014

George's Big Adventure

I have to admit I was a little scared when I was carried off all alone to return to the vet.  We were just there a couple of days ago and it was no fun!  I played along with the exam and didn't hiss or bite or anything, even when they stuck needles in me for something called vaccinations.

Just when I thought it was safe to return home again I was whisked away for something called "blood work".  My parents weren't allowed to go with me and that had me really scared.  Thank goodness for when we got home.

Then suddenly the food supply disappeared at 8:00 pm.  What's going on!  We always have a late night snack so we let the Queen sleep in until at least 7:00 am before we start our petition to go outside and play in our tent and tunnel.

Early in the morning I was unceremoniously shoved into a cat carrier, all alone and put into the car.  Mom did spray a towel with some calming spray and that was nice, but I didn't like this at all!

When I got to the vet they made me real comfortable, so comfortable that I'm not even sure what they did next.  I was so sleepy...what was in that shot?  Have I been abducted by aliens?

But when I woke up there was The Queen and Left Brain ready to take me home.  At least I think so, I was still pretty groggy and might have been dreaming.

I guess it was worth it, my teeth really were a mess.  Now they are sparkly clean, but five of the smaller ones are missing.  Thank goodness they didn't take away my manly looking massive fangs!  They called this an extraction.  Left Brain made some comment about a major extraction from his wallet, but I'm not sure what that means.

The best part is that now my mouth isn't so sore, probably from the great drugs they gave me for the pain.  But they tell me I will not have any pain when I eat now, so maybe I can eat a little slower and enjoy my food....even those crunchy ones that Gracie loves so much.

I only have to have pain meds for three more days, it tastes weird and no matter how I wiggle and squirm The Queen manages to get it down my throat.

I'm thankful for the willingness of my parents to make sure I get good healthcare, but I'm not looking forward to visiting the vet any time soon again!

Long Live Prince George With The Shiny Teeth


  1. laughing!

    glad you came through okay!

  2. Oh, George, you are indeed very blessed to have such wonderful parents. They do love you & Gracie very much. I am happy to see that you are well and happy, after that dental procedure. Those are usually full of surprises. I am not sure if you have tried them, but Greenies for cats are about the best dental treat. They fight tartar and keep the gums healthy, too. Maggie's oral hygiene is much better now that she gets them every day. ~xo~

  3. All I can is Natureman would just have pulled out his pliers. Your Geoge is very lucky indeed.

  4. George, Your smile is dazzling!! I'm so glad you came through the dental visit well. You are indeed a very lucky fellow to have such nice folks. I have to agree about the greenies. You'll just love them! You have a happy meowie day. Hugs, Pogo's Mom.

  5. Dear George,
    I am writing to commiserate. I too was wisked off to the Vet dentist and had teeth removed. Like you I was awake one minute, then not, then back awake with four less teeth (but they took my lower canines which I miss dearly). I am, however, still manly so don't get any ideas. I must say though that the pain was gone as soon as they took those teeth out ... I was so relieved, I came home and started eating right away. Now I too get those crunchy greenies and they are tasty. I do love to eat and now I can do it painlessly. So I do understand what you went through and am glad yours turned out as well as mine. Be well, George, my friend ... and tell the Queen of Stealth, I said Meow :)