Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Simple Solution

To conserve space in the RV, I have only one fry pan...a very large over sized one that can meet any need.  

But, to use this pan I need to remove the counter top sections over the burners, store them somewhere safely and then wait until the burners are completely cool before replacing them.  

Yes, I realize it's not that hard and I am retired and should have sufficient time in the day to deal with it, but it's still a hassle I'd like to avoid.

Then, through the mysteries of Facebook the answer appeared, thanks to Becky Brockman.  She commented that they purchased an electric fry pan so her husband could cook his bacon outside the camper and not make such a mess inside.

Duh!  There was my answer all electric frying pan.
I can cook on the counter-top without dismantling it and it stores nicely in my kitchen cart.  Even better is that it cooks evenly since the heating coils are placed to do so, much better than a huge frying pan on a single burner.

If the weather is too hot to cook inside, I can plug it in outside on the table and use it there.  This is just too good!

Why is that I can come up with some complex solutions and yet overlook something as easy as this?

Long Live the Queen of Out of the Fire and Into the Frying Pan


  1. This is why you and Left Brain make an excellent Team. You each have strengths that compliment each other. He handles the Garmin, you handle the cooking. And so on. Hugs.

  2. The electric fry pan sounds like a great idea. It can eliminate the need for the oversized fry pan. Sometimes the easiest solutions are the hardest ones to figure out.

    Oh boy, I think I see some clouds moving in. Woo Hoo! Maybe we'll get some rain to cool things down.
    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

    p.s. Your curious chipmunk is adorable.

  3. Simplicity is always the best answer and I agree ... Duh! But, then, why would you think of it, if you weren't used to using one. I haven't used an electric fry pan since Dave and I were still apartment living. Makes sense ... small kitchen, big electric fry pan, Hmmmm. Well, I am impressed that you even recognized the potential in Becky's comment ... you made the connection. That is one of my biggest problems ... making the connection. My brain doesn't with itself anymore. That is why I can blissfully book two events on thr same day, at the same time without blinking an eye. Oh yes, somewhere along the line I figure it out, but really? Old sure can be quirky. So you are still way ahead of me and you are getting a fry pan to boot ... Impressive Queen of Simple Answers ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol