Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Queen is Lacking Direction

There really is no reason for why I did what I did and I admit it was really stupid.  I formatted the GPS unit I use for geocaching.  I must have had a brain fart and thought it was like the camera and clicked on OK even when I had the warning it would erase everything.  Duh!

Left Brain managed to get some stuff loaded back on it, so I can find the geocaches in the area and the compass works, but there is a sad lack of maps.

The little blue triangle just hovers about trying to tell me where to go, but there’s no indication of where that might be.  It could be in Minnesota or Mongolia – it would look the same.

After many attempts at searching for a cure I finally called Garmin and explained what I did.  To their credit they did not laugh, but calmly explained that for $110 I could send it to them and they would swap it out with a refurbished one (with maps I presume).  They don’t actually do the downloading of maps there, apparently that is handled in some third world country for less than minimal wages.

Sigh…what to do?  Then it dawned on me that I have some of the most wonderful computer geeky friends on this planet and a call for help went out to Bob. 

Well, he came by our campsite and picked up the GPS to see what he could possibly do.  This also gave him a chance to see the inside of See-More, but due to allergies to the cats he couldn’t stay long.  He’d been out that day for a four hour bike ride.  Yikes!  I’m good for about four minutes and that’s only if there’s no hills.

Unfortunately he was unable to magically make the maps reappear, but he did get through to Garmin and I have an 800 number to call and it looks as if they will accept this to be sent to them for a repair at no cost.

Bob are my hero!

I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

Long Live the Lost Queen


  1. Whew , Thank goodness you could find your way back home.

  2. Oh my. Please don't get lost. I would have to try to find you, and I would probably get lost, too. I am glad Bob helped!