Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last week at Goose Island

It's been nonstop visiting this last week, as seems to be the case.

On Sunday we had a friend stop by and visit over lunch time for a couple of hours.

Monday I had lunch with some friends but had to hustle it back to the RV before Left Brain's sister arrived for an overnight stay.  Sister Mary is always a delight to have as a house guest.  Let me interpret that for you...she's easy.  No, not that kind of "easy", but she comes with her own supply of favorite beverages, pillow and (my favorite part!) a large bags of gifts for us.

She gave us a hardcover book of loop trips all around the US that I've been busy poring over after her departure.  I was also the recipient of a really cool cat shirt, cat scarf and cat themed handbag.  Does this lady know me or what!

George and Gracie received brand new catnip toys that they eagerly attacked and then went into a catnip induced stupor.  They also got some cat treats, but we haven't shared those with them yet, gotta hold back something for later.

Left Brain got a huge bag of nuts, which I found very fitting.

We had a nice visit with her and then another mutual friend staying in the park.  My son, Joe, arrived a bit later and we cooked some burgers on the grill while telling stories.

When my son and the other friend left we went inside as the weather was starting to look a little nasty.  Gracie curled up on her lap several times to enjoy some adoration that only Sister Mary can lavish on cats. Gracie thought the airbed prepared for our guest was her very own new bed.

We introduced her to "Downton Abbey" as we needed to finish up our DVD's from the library before our departure.  All was going well until the storm hit in full force and it was hard to hear the TV, and then the park lost the electricity and all was dark.  It's funny that this happened as my friend at lunch was just saying how you don't realize how dependent you are on electricity until a storm takes it out.  And, as I explained to her, this is a non issue in an RV as we started up the generator and continued our show.

The power was still out when we prepared for bed, so I plugged my CPAP machine into the 12volt plug that Left Brain installed for me in such instances, and we all snuggled in to sleep...except for George, of course, who is our cowardly lion and cowered in a corner.  I've tried to comfort him in storms before by snuggling him in bed, which works good until a really loud clap of thunder transforms it into a painful experience as he launches away to go hide, leaving me with a trail of scratches in the process.

On Tuesday morning we went to The Hungry Peddler for breakfast and then she headed home and we returned to the RV for a nice rest from all the socializing we've been doing.  At least until the phone rang.

Our daughter and her family had joined forces with our son-in-law's family for a houseboat vacation on the Mississippi to celebrate his 20 year career with the Navy.  They would  be in Wabasha in a couple of hours and could we run up and join them.  So, into the car we went as it's about a two hour drive to get there.

We arrived early enough that I could position myself to photograph them as they came in, passing under the bridge that spans the Mississippi.  Actually I was shooting the wrong houseboat at first, so I did offer to email them their photos as well when they both docked at the marina. The marina is next door to Slippery's from the movie Grumpy Old Men which was shot in Wabasha MN.  My son-in-law was one of the extras in that movie as well as the sequel.

It was fun to catch up with everyone and see this floating hotel they are enjoying.  Chris prepared some very tasty steaks and pork chops on the grill for supper.  After some more visiting they proposed going on an hour ride with them and we declined to start back home. 

One of the many barges that travel up and down the Mississippi River
Wednesday brought us together with Jerry and Anita, long time friends who started full-timing before we did, for some lunch and brainstorming.  They live in the area we'd like to explore this winter in California and were a wealth of information on what to see and do in the area.  You can't get this kind of insider knowledge in a book or website!  I am really looking forward to our California winter this year and it should work out beautifully for the family to come visit us so they can experience Los Angeles  and San Diego.

Since we have Sister Mary checking on places for us in Mesa AZ at her park for January and February we now have four months figured out.  I love this life.

It's warm and humid today, so the AC is on and it's time to catch up on some photos and blogging. 

Long Live the Queen of California Dreaming


  1. you have a revolving door in your RV - coming and going!

  2. My goodness, it sounds like you've had a very busy week, and one that has been very enjoyable. What a great photo of Gracie. She's quite the lady! I love the houseboat. Much as I'm not crazy about being out on boats, I've always wanted to spend a vacation living on a houseboat. I think they are absolutely fascinating. I think a winter in California will be fabulous. My son graduated from a Navy school in San Diego years ago. He loved the weather there.

    The microwave is beeping, time to make my coffee. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Well, I'm exhausted ... you have all the fun and I just wear myself out reading about it. Something about that isn't right. California ... there are endless sights to see there and how awesome that you have someone who knows the ins and outs of it all. I am looking forward to your California blogging already. So when will you leave Goose Island and where will you be going? Too bad you couldn't park See-More on a Ferry and ride down the Mississippi ... wouldn't that be fun and you could see the eagles all along the river banks. But, alas, I assume you have other plans and I will just have to wait to see what they are. Sorry for little George ... there have been a lot of storms this spring so I am guessing he has had a rough time. My daughter was just talking to me about night time scratches that came from Diva flying out from under the covers when she moved. That could be dangerous, sleeping with a cat at night. My boys get too hot so they move to thier own favorite places before we get into trouble. Sounds like you a living the good life, Queen of Partying it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

    Andrea @ From The Sol