Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yulee Sugar Mills Ruins

It's a quiet day here in Old Town.  We had breakfast and then took the bikes to a trail head and road the bikes for a couple of hours.  I turned back earlier than Left Brain and started back slowly with lots of stops to take photos.  He caught up with me just in time as I had taken a wrong turn and would have been totally lost.  I guess I need to pay a bit more attention to what's going on around me.

Here are some photos from our previous stay that I didn't get a chance to post.  They are from the Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins.

There isn't a lot to see there, but I'm a sucker for old abandoned buildings and this had some fun old rusty machinery to photo and then play with in Photoshop.

These ferns were poking their way up through the stone walls.

Long Live the Queen of Sugar


  1. really like the 3rd photo! would make a great enlargement. don't get lost, now!

  2. I love places like this. The photos are great, too.

  3. What fabulous photos! I especially like the next to last one. It seems to have a sense of peace and hope in it. I agree, it would look great framed. Your photos of the river gave me a sense of reality about the "Swanee River". It was always just part of a song before. I'm off now to try catching up on some more blog reading while I can. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  4. Great old machinery...like sugar mills in Central America...have been enjoying ALL your jaunts, per usual, lately...the bike paths, the eating, the TV headset, we have one, too.....and
    the having to move on...
    pond lois