Saturday, March 29, 2014

Alabama storms

We were able to get out and about for a few days, even though the weather was cool. 

Did a lot of geocaching and some biking and managed to enjoy some line dancing....until the storms hit.

It began at night with heavy rain and the rumble of thunder.  George, who usually hides at the first hint of rain remained snuggled against me until the early morning.

As much as I loved having him cuddle, I knew he was shivering from fear...not purring.  But, alas, my arms could not stay in the same position anymore and I had to get up.  I tucked him into the pillows and blanket in a make-shift mancave and went out into the living area.

Was that thunder I heard?

Gracie has no such fears as George does and began meowing her request to go play outside in her tent city.  I had to open the door to show her it was nasty out wasn't just the windows that rain.  

The skies opened up and unleashed pouring torrents of rain, causing a steady stream down the windows where you couldn't see outside at all.  When you could see, the vision was of a small lake with wind rippling the top of the water.

This was okay with me, but the thunder and lightning strikes were a bit unnerving.  Then it became eerie when an ambulance pulled into the park and stopped a block away.  It left quietly with no lights so I'm not sure what that means.

We ran out when it let up for a while to go get our mail at the post office and then stopped at the fifties style diner nearby for lunch.  

The remainder of the day was spent doing some sewing and a lot of reading.  It's a good thing we both love to read.

Long Live the Queen of Storms


  1. i would be with your cat. an rv in a powerful storm...i don't like 'em and i have always had at least one dog that is terrified, too.

  2. Thankfully, the only one hete unnerved by storms is me, and I just deal with it.

  3. We have had rain all yesterday, then it poured all night and so far all day today. No thunder and lightning so far, just tons of rain. What fabulous photos of George and the bird. That bird is gorgeous, what kind is it? Hopefully the nice weather is on its way to you soon. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.