Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

We set out yesterday with nice weather for a long drive to Santa Rosa Beach FL and enjoyed the trip...for a while.

First the wind came up, but it was behind us for a good deal of the time, then at our sides and finally we were going straight into it.

Rain began pelting us until it was a torrential downpour.  Motorcycles and even some cars sought shelter under the overpasses...but we kept on going.  This is because Left Brain was driving.  I would have been at the rest area miles and miles ago shaking in my boots waiting for the storm to pass.

While he was driving through the storm, I enjoyed a lengthy conversation on the phone with the Divine Miss M.  I don't like yakking on the phone generally, but once in a while it feels good to reach out and touch...especially if it creates a diversion from driving through a storm.

At one point we were approaching a bridge, driving on a narrow stretch of land with rain pouring down on us and waves crashing up on both sides.  Hmmmm....most of the traffic seems to be going the opposite way. It appears there is an exodus from the coast we are trying to get to, but onward we went.

I checked in at the office while poor Left Brain unhooked the car in the downpour.  Then we continued on to our campsite and I jumped out to direct him onto the concrete pad which will be our home for the next eight days.  Since he was already drenched to the bone, he did the electric and water hookups.

It appears to be a lovely park, it's just hard to tell with all the drizzle and wetness right now.  Eventually George came out from hiding as he hates the drive as much a rainstorm.  But the first rumble of thunder had him diving for the rabbit hole between the wall and the couch again.  I don't know what he's going to do when that couch is removed.  I'll need to create some sort of man-cave haven for him while traveling or during storms.

After supper and some television we retired to listen to the rain on the roof and stayed in bed until 9:00 cuddling and scratching kitties.  Meanwhile the rain continues.   We have not seen this much rain in the last two years.  Perhaps this is a promotional gimmick for the movie Noah that's coming out soon?

Breakfast is done and still we hear the downfall of rain, but much more gently now.  Today will be an excursion by car to get our bearings in the new area, an area Left Brain found that connects to a bike trail that goes along the coastline.  That will be fun to do...when it quits raining.

Long Live the (are those gills sprouting behind my ears?) Queen


  1. Patrick and I drove in a similar storm coming back from South Carolina last year with the 5th wheel. We were listening to a book on tape and I made him turn it off because I could not handle the stress of both the weather and the horribly graphic murder mystery... I then insisted that he follow a horse trailer that was pulling off into a desserted restaurant parking lot, and we sat it out. :) and we were not alone in that!!

  2. glad you made it safely to your destination!

  3. So, Left Brain is soaked to the bone and you sent him to do the electric hookup. Hmmm ...


    And, why was everybody else going in the opposite direction? Or are you purposefully leaving us wiht a mystery?

    Great story.

    Happy St Paddy's Day to Pete, including his pet Right Brain.
    Slainte !!

  4. I was thinking water and electricity don't really mix but then again I guess Right Brain's won't be left with a curly hairdo/ maybe he does already have a Curly hairdo. We are expecting more cold and although streets are pretty clear whatever melts freezes. Be thankful for just rain!

  5. I do not trust anyone who does not like critters...period. Happy Happy Day to You & Yours!!

  6. So sorry to hear of all the bad weather you are meeting up with. We left Florida in some beautiful weather to come home to sunny and cold. It's so good to know that Spring is really coming! I'm hoping that the rain lets up soon so that you can go out and take some more awesome photos. Have a good evening, hugs, Edna B.