Tuesday, March 4, 2014

So long Sunseekers RV…Hello Homosassa RV Resort!

We left Sunseekers in Fort Myers a bit before 10:00 and arrived in Homosassa about 2:00.  The trip did not go completely as planned.
Along the way there was a crash that caused quite a mess and resulted in a broken leg.  Relax, let me explain.  It has been a couple of months since we've done a move and apparently we've gotten forgetful.

The kitchen cart was not secured, wheels not locked, nothing.  Traffic suddenly backed up, causing Left Brain to hit the brakes a little harder than normal.  This is when the cart decided to make a run for it down the hallway.

Then we turned sharply to the right and it toppled over, spilling the toaster oven, crock pot, bread and produce all over the floor.  In doing so, one of the wheels gave way and broke its leg.  The Keurig, apparently in a sympathetic gesture, jumped to the stairway to assist.

I scrambled back and tried to provide order and yet remain standing myself.  It takes a while to develop those sea-legs after being stationary for so long.

There were some interesting sights along the way. 

We came upon this adorable motorcycle/car...not sure what to call it.  

It had three wheels, but a steering wheel.

The bridges along the way are always pretty.

The gateway to St Petersburg is quite colorful.

We generally find a restaurant along the way for lunch before setting up, but nothing RV friendly presented itself.  

So, as soon as we landed we set up and I heated up a cheesy hash brown casserole and ham steak that I had on hand for an easy meal.
After fortifying ourselves we set outside to take in our new home.  The road leading to the RV is quiet and we’re well away from any traffic noise.

See-More is parked next to the small river that runs behind our RV and as we sat and relaxed we were entertained by the flying fish leaping a good two to three feet out of the water and sailing in the air for about eight feet.

Then a pair of wood ducks swam past our site.  I’m going to like it here and we may decide to stay longer than the five nights scheduled.
There is a nice pool area and the campground appears to be very clean and well run. 

The rules for staying here run five pages and have all the standard warnings about leaving children and pets running loose.  The only real variation I noticed in this one is the caution was this:
They lose their fear of people and become a hazard. We do not want them to develop a taste for little dogs and small children.”

We’ll do some exploring of the area today on our bikes and see what’s where.

Long Live the Queen of Homosassa 


  1. Whew after reading about that toenail I was afraid someone had broken their leg... Stuff can be mended quicker than bones. 'So glad you have 4 healthy legs for the bike ride tomorrow.

  2. By chance did You take a pic of that broken cart for me for the oopsies FOTO FRIDAY entry?

  3. Your new RV park sounds fanastic. I would love to live along the banks of a pond. There's nothing like the sounds of water and birds to wake up too in the morning. I'll bet George and Gracie will be verry happy there. We just got back from walking through Old Town. Now I have to put my feet up. You have a fabulous evening. Hugs, Edna B.