Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maybe we headed north too soon?

Our first couple of days here at Homosassa RV Resort were nice, and yesterday we visited the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State to follow on that as it takes forever to load them with this internet connection.

But today was cold, with an all day soaking rain.  It sounded nice while in bed, but got old after a while.

So we took a trip into Inverness to find some lunch and then take in a movie.  

The water is pretty....just don't think about swimming in it!

We watched "Non Stop" and it was non-stop action all the way through the movie.  The ending totally surprised both of us.  Best of all when we exited the theater the rain had stopped.

When we returned home we were able to sit outside for a couple of hours with the cats before it got too cold to remain outside.

We will stay here until Friday and then leave on Saturday for Old Town Florida and new scenery.

Long Live the Queen of Rainy Florida Days


  1. well, rain and cool weather doesn't sound pleasant.

  2. It looks so nice in the pictures. None of that white stuff.

  3. One might think you are getting way too spoiled with perfect weather... Just think that rain could be snow, OK?