Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another marriage saving tool has been found!

 When you live in 325 square feet of domestic bliss, it takes a lot of cooperation to avoid getting on each other’s nerves.  This is normally alleviated by one or both of us being outside at any given point, but when we come in at night, or if the weather is rainy, the walls can begin to close in a bit.

The most common difficulty is with the television.  We have similar tastes in viewing, but often one is watching what the other would rather not see…or more importantly…hear.

Especially in the evenings when Left Brain likes to watch TV and I’d like to read quietly before going to bed to unwind.  I know you younger people reading this are chuckling and thinking to yourself, “unwind from what?  You’re retired!”  You’ll understand when you arrive at this stage of life.

We found the perfect solution to this problem…the wireless headset.    We purchased the Sony wireless headset at Best Buys recently and it’s nothing short of a miracle.

On one setting it allows the TV to emit its normal sound while the other person hears it on the headset at whatever volume they chose.  It makes the dialogue of the program much more distant and clear.
The other setting (and my personal favorite) is muting the sound of the TV in the room completely and only the person with the headphones can hear the TV.

Very wise....very wise indeed!
I went to the bedroom to read last night and realized I no longer have to do this, even though it never was a sufficient distance to avoid the drone of the TV.  I can now sit in the comfort of my own chair and read while he watches TV as it is perfectly silent in the room.  Amazing.

This will come in handy when I have a show I want to enjoy that he finds annoying and then I’ll take ownership of the headphones.  Then he only has to listen to me chuckle and snort at the funny parts of the show.

All this technology has certainly made it easier for two people to be in close proximity to each other and remain good friends.

Long Live the Queen of Silent Nights


  1. we used to have a set but our latest tv doesn't have a headphone jack!

    love the barred owl!

  2. Our first house was 750 it was cozy and intimate. Eric already has headsets one thing off yhe list.

  3. Wireless is a wonderful thing, isn't it? I need to get these for Bill. He insists on "loud", while I prefer quiet.

  4. We've looked into these but they don't seem to work with our current TV.....grrrr. I'm still safe as long as we don't get satellite then all bets are off lol.