Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old Town Florida

After a short drive of about seventy miles and stuffing ourselves with a salad and pizza buffet, we set up home in the Old Town Campground, near the Suwanee River.

It's a bit more of a no frills park, no pool...sandy sites with only water and electric.  but at $106 for a week with our Escapees membership you can't beat the price.  Bonus!  They have cable TV and decent internet.  Time to catch up on some computer work.

It looks like there will be lots of areas to bike and explore wildlife and birds as well as a nice sounding quilt shop nearby.  We'll be staying a week unless we like the area and need to wait out weather, then we may add to our stay.

So, now I can post more photos from the visit to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park from our earlier visit.

Is it just me or does this look like a bad toupee?

Not that the wood duck wasn't pretty enough by himself, but I just had to give him a watercolor effect.

Long Live the Queen of Wi-Fi


  1. Gorgeous animal pics. Which one can I have for my Dog Days?/ do I get cat pics?

  2. You always amaze with your pictures! Awesome!!!! You realize your blog gets me through these cold and snowy days in Wisconsin! pond lois

  3. love, love, love the photos. Although I'm enjoying the gorgeous weather here at Lake Pleasant (Phoenix), I sure am missing the birds of the Gulf.

  4. loved the wood duck swimming in front of the hippo! :) beautiful pics. love the caracara.

  5. Your photos are GORGEOUS, Cheryl. I think my fav is the one of the pelican. Ralph loves the wood duck.

  6. Your photos are wonderful. This year I will have to settle for the local squirrels for my photo ops. I don't have to walk very far to find them. lol. I can't wait to see the photos from Old town. I did not know this place existed, so I'm anxious to see the pix. You have a wonderful day, Hugs, Edna B.